Apr 29 2011

Problems with Microsoft Outlook 2010 not finding tasks and calendar items?

awtm4unlI have to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with work and really hate it. I know hate is a ‘strong word’, but overall usage of the program is okay, but I prefer the world of Thunderbird better. I use Thunderbird with SocialMail at home and this works perfectly me for me.

BUT, I was working with Microsoft Outlook the other day and found [actually not found anything] that Microsoft Outlook wasn’t returning any [none] results for any new tasks or appointments any more. I restarted Microsoft Outlook and I restarted the PC and nothing was helping.

So doing a quick search of the web I found the answer…

But first, here’s what I find interesting…

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has the NEW indexing feature that indexes everything to make the searching faster; you know to compete with Xobni…

What I notice is that Microsoft Outlook advanced search is SLOWER, much slower than simply typing in the search box above the folder, or inbox, you want to search… But all the inboxes are supposed to be indexed? So why does one work fast than the other?! Really obtuse.






The correction is rather slow and stupid if you ask me, but it’s what Microsoft has you do…

Use the FILE menu, choose OPTIONS..



Choose the SEARCH option… and then choose the ‘Indexing Options’



Choose the ‘Advanced’ option at the bottom..



And then choose the option to ‘Rebuild’…


Depending on how much data there’s to index, depends on how long it’s going to take. If it says you have more than 10k+ items to index… go take a break for a while.

In Microsoft’s defense, they do provide a warning/notice…


‘Indexing speed is reduced due to user activity’…

You can still use Microsoft Outlook during this process, but it’s going to take a while…


The level at while Microsoft maintains this ‘database’ for the emails in Microsoft Outlook; it’s horrible… it’s better from the previous version, but they wouldn’t have done anything if Xobni wasn’t doing it better already.


Here’s the forum link:



I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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