Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10

mukkutz5_thumb Microsoft gives Vista users the FINGER with no Internet Explorer 10With Microsoft not delivering on a mobile platform that works, and with their declining desktop operating system market dropping, Microsoft has decided to make an attempt to speed the process of their demise… by giving the finger to their customer base… that’s right— Microsoft has decided that Internet Explorer 10 is too good for Vista users.

Oh let’s completely forget all about all the Vista users that helped form Windows 7 in to something usable… nah, we can forget about the fact that Vista was the worst decision for an operating system release since Windows ME. It’s not enough they released a half baked operating system on 90% of the world, now they want to capitalize on it and slam it home with the ‘full monte’.

Why would Microsoft do this?! It’s so rude and obtuse; ah, that’s why— it’s Microsoft.

So, is this a sign of the times for Microsoft. Is this the change of the future for them? Have they decided that their browser, and their browser alone justifies customers having to upgrade their operating system? Everyone knows that Windows 7 is just a maintenance fix to all the crap that was incorrect with Vista.

I mean Microsoft has already decided to shun their XP users with ‘no more Internet Explorer them!’, but while Microsoft is giving their users the kibosh [mazeltoff everyone!] the other browsers on the web are just teaming with support.

Let’s see…

Internet Explorer 8 works on Windows XP and lower; which by the way was still getting Internet Explorer updates until 3 years ago. Yeah, do the math…

Internet Explorer 9 works on Windows [Vista and higher] — I didn’t see a MAC version; so, just Windows. There’s no portable version to Android or any other mobile operating system. Funny.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera work on all versions of Windows, MAC and Linux— AND they have portable versions. Damn, I wonder who’s going to win the browser war in the long run?

And this isn’t the first product that Microsoft started with, to cut-off users, they did this with their Windows Live Essentials 2011 package… no love for the XP users.

So, my perspective on this is Microsoft is scared. They’re losing markets [plural] left and right. Losing their desktop market, losing the tablet market, the mobile market and their flagship products just aren’t as strong and appealing as they used to be.


They have not had a SINGLE innovative idea since Steve Ballmer took the helm… and that mental reject needs to leave too.

And with the prospect of only having the Xbox to fall back on [which it’s still doing good] Microsoft is searching for ways to MAKE THEIR USERS UPGRADE. And they think that their browser is going to do that for them… they’re betting the farm that their browser is going to be the deciding factor on whether or not people keep upgrading.

No— I don’t think so…

If you have competitors out there that are doing it better, faster and more in line with the Internet standards that everyone requires and expects… Microsoft is sorely mistaken. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are in fierce competition for ‘who can rock this Internet place’ and Microsoft just can’t compete. And they’re not dropping users because they’re using an ‘older browser’…

I believe what Microsoft is doing is utterly and completely wrong.

What do you think about this strategic move by Microsoft?

Cutting Vista users from Internet Explorer 10; is that right?!

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I would love to know what you think?


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