Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED – Really?!

4o3gywf2 Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED - Really?!Digsby has been a long time recommendation of mine. Just about everyone I ever come in contact with, that doesn’t have an Instant Messenger client, I would say Digsby. Even if they were running something stupid like Yahoo and MSN; I would really advise them to go with Digsby then…

There’s so many Instant Messenger protocols and Digsby was doing great at doing that… Then I went and checked out Tagged… oh my gosh…

Honestly, I had never even been to Tagged before, but I have to clarify it’s not much more than the red headed, retarded half brother of Facebook. I was not impressed with the Tagged website at all. It looks like a the site developers haven’t updated it in 10 years; its horrible.

And this is what Digsby has stepped in to…

It’s obvious what Tagged needed; it needs an Instant Messenger client/architecture to be able to connect people with MORE people. That’s the whole drive of Tagged to find MORE ‘friends’.

But again, the design, layout and presentation of Tagged is somewhere between Facebook with down syndrome, and a ‘meh’ day with Chatroulette. I felt like I needed a fresh reload of my anti-virus just having visited the site.

And then there was this… AH!

eog1f2de_thumb Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED - Really?!

After seeing this list of ‘suggested friends’; I couldn’t exit the website fast enough, and I felt like I needed to throw my keyboard away and wash my hands with a cheese grater. I believe if I spent anymore time on this site, it might result in a gleaming of something out of the Crying Game. Like Chatroulette there’s something’s you can’t unsee.

So, with CraigsList having shutdown the adult section on their website, Digsby being able to chat with everyone and Facebook having a role model site design; Tagged is just going to merge all these things together.

And just more copied stuff you’d see at Facebook…
d0eo1554_thumb Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED - Really?!
I feel happy and sad for Digsby…

I know they were working with new ways to support their application, going with in-application ads, but now it seems they were given an out they couldn’t refuse. Almost like a deal with the devil…

I’m not saying Tagged is a bad place, but my brief stint there, and seeing as how my profile with them is like uber-new, and having seen already a collection of rather questionable profile pictures [I would’ve rather NEVER wanted to see] my opinion/comparison is sticking a child in with a known pedophile.

from the blog entry Digsby made:

The future of Digsby is questionable in it’s current form…

image_thumb34 Digsby Acquired: Goes to TAGGED - Really?!

What has made Digsby so popular and such an awesome application is in jeopardy, as I see it. Why would a place like Tagged want to keep giving away an application like Digsby when by doing this they lose the grip and domination in the communication area— which is why they bought Digsby.

Digsby was in a mode of constant development, constant updates, communications with their user base and I also believe that’ll change too. Things always change with acquisitions…they always do.

I’m glad Digsby has devised a way to fund their application and a partner to support them and utilize their technology and efforts, but I wonder at the overall ‘cost’…

While I’ll keep using Digsby, I may be eyeing a return to Pidgin. We’ll have to see what the future holds.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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