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This review of the Motorola Xoom isn’t a comparison of the iPad; it’s simply a statement of what it is and how well I believe it performs…

The release of the Motorola Xoom has come and gone, and while the commercials depicting the awesomeness of the tablet, the question has to be does it work and it’s it practical?

My overall opinion of the tablet is that it’s good. The portability, the weight, the display and the responsiveness of the device is very good. And from what I have said before, it’s not so much the device, but the application that are going to make or break it in the public’s eye.

Here’s some things that I have noticed about the tablet and something I though other might find interesting about the Xoom tablet.

The facts of the Motorola Xoom are rather impressive…

Motorola XOOM MZ600 [MZ601, MZ603 and Moto MZ604] are powered by the 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It has a 10.1-inch display optimized for high definition video, in true 16:9 widescreen, and 1280 x 800 pixels. It has 1GB RAM, up to 2 GB of internal storage. Camera wise, it has a 5 megapixels camera with Auto focus, Dual LED, 8x zoom and 2592 x 1944 pixel, 2 megapixels Forward-facing Camera with 1600 x 1200 pixels. Other features are the accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity Sensor, ambient Light Sensor, gyroscope, barometer and running on Android Honeycomb.

All of them include Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, USB 2.0 port, HTML browser, Digital compass, GPS with A-GPS support, HDMI 1.4 port, 3.5mm jack, support Adobe Flash Player 10.1, support video recording resolution 720p HD, video recording frame rate 30 fps and 1080p HD video playback.


I’ve had the Motorola Xoom for a few days now and have been playing with just about everything I can, in my given time frame, and I find that everything thus far is pretty good. And I say pretty good because I believe anyone contemplating buying a Xoom should now that the Honeycomb isn’t mature, and isn’t on the same level as the previous versions of Android. So, everything in the Android market now, on a standard Android device, may not work on the Xoom. And the number applications for the Xoom now, aren’t that of the standard Android market.



The display of the Xoom is very nice, the appearance of everything is very clear. The unit itself has wallpapers you can load, but also the standard Android LIVE wallpapers that can move in the background, as a wallpaper.

At the units default resolution, the amount of space to place an icon is easy; actually running out of space on the desktop area would be interesting.

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As an e-book reader

I recently did my review on the Nook Color and it was an android operating system too, but very basic and it needed a bit more. But basically upgrading to something better, the nook application was in the Android market; downloading it and getting the books was no problem.

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Also, since I was just reviewing the Nook Color; I was interested in getting back the books that were purchased during the testing phase… that was easy with the nook application; in the Android market.

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The Application Market

The Xoom Android market is immature… it’s growing but it’s very young yet. The results you get from the market are limited.



As a point of frustration, the market for the Xoom was limited on keyboards. I was surprised to find that the Xoom didn’t come with swype as an option to do input; like the Droid x did. Keyboard inputs are rare right now. Unless you want to buy another keyboard, there’s NOT a quality keyboard replacement, like swype for the Motorola Xoom.

This is a screenshot of ALL the results for the keyword SWYPE. It’s not want you want to see from the Android market…

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Voice recognition

And one of my favorite plug-ins, Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Android [FlexT9] isn’t listed in the Market for Android, for the Motorola Xoom. The only option you have for voice recognition with the Xoom is Google voice recognition…

I couldn’t find my favorite application…

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So far, the use and testing the camera are very similar to that of a standard Android device. It takes a second or two to flip over to the camera, and the display of the images for pictures— it’s awesome. And the camera has a flip button right in the screen to flip the capture from the front or the back of the tablet.

Something else I really liked, the inclusion of the video editor in the Motorola Xoom. This is a great addition of the suite of software included with the Xoom. I found that editing video in the Xoom was rather fun. And the fact of NOT having to download this to a PC to edit it and then have to upload it later.

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When you’re using the video editor the video is loaded progressively, but it seems to jump right through the video quickly.




Everything about the applications and the functions of the Xoom were good. They were responsive, I haven’t had any issues with crashes, or lag on the side of the Xoom. When you click on something it jumps right to it.

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The lack of Adobe Flash support is frustrating from the perspective of the Firefox browser… the support of Adobe Flash right now, is only to the default browser in Android v3. If you step outside of that, the Adobe Flash option doesn’t work… and you can’t go to adobe for the download update option…

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BUT as I understand it, the Xoom was just updated to prepare for an update of Adobe Flash to 10.2… this is supposed to be here on March 18th. And while others have been waiting a while, the update seems perfect for me. I mean having less of a wait.


Here’s a screenshot of the Android information.

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For the common uses, of most on the go users, the Xoom will be just fine, but for the more advanced users, the addition a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you may find this a powerful tool; something you can up and take with you— working as both a desktop station and a tablet… And at it’s current stage, I I believe Xoom still has a lot of life left in it.

I hope this helps make an educated decision…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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