Mar 01 2011

Motorola Atrix Android gets a docking station

image_thumb2 Motorola Atrix Android gets a docking stationOne of the more exciting piece of information I found out recently is that the android operating system, and more specifically Motorola Atrix 4g smartphone, is going to have a docking station.

Essentially giving the new android phone the equivalent of McDonald’s supersize option. The docking station essentially converts your android phone into a standard desktop PC where you can sit down and conveniently work with your information.

I see this as a huge step forward, recognizing that the manufacturers now see a demand/interest in being able to take smart phones and convert them to desktop PCs; this goes back to an article that I wrote just recently about not purchasing tablet PCs.

with manufacturers like Motorola producing phones that can be converted to quasi-desktop PCs, I perceive this as a huge problem for Microsoft. Microsoft’s whole business model is based of the desktop PC. Now that the smart phone can make the transition from portable device to desktop PC; and pretty much everyone is having great success with the application markets, the replacement of the Microsoft operating system, I would predict, will be very swift.

The docking station allows the Motorola smartphone to be connected to keyboards mice monitors external storage; it’s going be very convenient.

I’ll expect to see something very similar to this for the iPad very soon.

According to some reports the Atrix is the android platform with a splash of Citrix, allowing it to be docked to external purples more like a PC. And any application on the Atrix can take advantage of the larger screen, keyboard and/or mouse.

I’m looking forward to a more generic option for standard android operating system smartphones.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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