Firefox 4 Growing Pains – dealing with it…

afpcwffg_thumb Firefox 4 Growing Pains - dealing with it…The release of Firefox 4 was a real beating for the meager release of Internet Explorer 9. If this were a boxing match Internet Explorer 9 would be picking up it’s teeth and leaving under the cloak of darkness, but this article isn’t about the many levels of what Internet Explorer doesn’t do right; it’s about growing pains.

I must say that with the introduction of Chrome that the overall progression, innovation and productivity has not just jumped; it has jumped, grown wings and began to soar…

But all this isn’t without growing pains. So far Google Chrome has been taking most of the attention and the praise for coming out like the golden child whilst the other browsers, the established ones, are the ones left competing for attention, and then attempting to act like the youngling…

With growing pains, there’s the side effects of making changes; with Internet Explorer 9 everyone’s happy just to see that Microsoft decided to update their software. It’s like a mentally challenged kid who finally learns to feed their self— whilst Firefox and Chrome [the main runners] have been dueling for a while.

s5cettvu_thumb Firefox 4 Growing Pains - dealing with it…

Firefox 4 is without a doubt a great release and a real jump from the architecture of the previous versions, but not so revolutionary, in that it looks very similar to Chrome. Again, the mentally challenged, Internet Explorer did this as well… as did just about every other browser, clamoring for the people’s attention.

And with the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla gave Firefox 4 its own download stats page. At the time of this post Firefox 4 was well in to 17 million downloads and doing about 1000 downloads every 10 seconds.

rp01wgsc_thumb Firefox 4 Growing Pains - dealing with it…

It’s very neat; I believe that even the developers at Microsoft, for Internet Explorer, could sit and watch it for hours on end— then they should just sit back and think about just retiring from coding altogether.

While I love the releases of Firefox 4, this one has me a bit jaded because the release of it was so radically different than previous versions that with each previous versions you could expect some plug-ins wouldn’t work; but to have as many as I did with this last update, it’s bothersome.

I had 17 plug-ins with Firefox 4 that didn’t work!

And as everyone knows, this is what makes Firefox so appealing; the extensibility of the browser. To make it your own, and being that I use my browser as a muse to find things, searching and grabbing information from here and there to blog; the main tools I was using are now reported as broken.

I know this solely isn’t the fault of Mozilla, but the fact is the developers— now have the weight to correct these incompatibilities are now left up to them and the 17+ million users are now left screaming for updates!

But with these newer versions of Firefox we can expect things like plug-ins added and removed without restarts, better performance and more security.

It’s a growing pain… and it’s a necessary evil to deal with.

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Firefox 4 Growing Pains - dealing with it…

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