Mar 13 2011

Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

qsumor0j_thumb Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a ScreenshotThe latest update to the Motorola Xoom doesn’t seem to be fixing the age old problem of getting a simple screenshot from the Android operating system. The latest version of the operating system is v3.0.1.

This was something noted in a recent post about how Google/Android quasi-endorses breaking the Android operating system to install a simple application to get screenshots.


There’s rumor that the Android operating system will have this feature/function built-in, but right now, this doesn’t help a lot of users.

The information provided below should help the average Windows operating system user get the Motorola Xoom functioning so that you can get it screenshot of the device, from the device.

Required hardware…

wpgijn5z_thumb Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

The simple fact of the android operating system still requires a data connection via a micro USB cable to get screen shots… it’s such a stupid concept, and why it’s still required; it’s so opposite of what the Android operating system represents.


Motorola Xoom – enable USB debugging

To get a screenshot from Xoom you have to ENABLE the USB debugging.

Motorola Xoom USB debugging ASP enabled in order to get a screenshot from the operating system; this is very common with android operating systems.

Different from the other android offering systems/smartphones when you connect the Motorola Xoom to a USB device, you’re not prompted to find out how you would like to use the USB connection. You also can’t use the USB connection to charge the Motorola Xoom.

The good news is that typically with Windows Vista and Windows 7, the newer Windows operating systems, the drivers for the Motorola Xoom should be automatically installed switch access the event features of the Motorola Xoom tablet.


importanticon Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

If you’re having problems with the Motorola Xoom not being detected by the operating system, you may need to download the latest drivers.





But to enable the USB debugging option with the Motorola Xoom, you need to go to your applications, settings, applications, choose the option for development and then choose the option for USB debugging.

0q1sso45_thumb Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot


The [traditional] Required Software

Android SDK Software Kit

Java Development Kit


In addition to enabling the USB debugging on Motorola Xoom you have to load the Android SDK Software Kit.


But for the Windows operating system:

download Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot 

Download Android SDK 

download Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot


You’re also going to need the Java development Kit…


importanticon Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

Make sure you download the proper version of the software for your operating system; based on whether or not you have Windows 32 or 64-bit operating systems.


Once you have the two software packages that are required, it may be possible that point to reboot the operating system.

After the system reboots, you’ll be looking for a batch file that was included with the android SDK installation; it’s a batch file called, DDMS.BAT.

It should be in this folder:

C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid-SDKtools


b0z3cik2_thumb Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

At the top of this window, in the menu bar, is the option for the device, then choose the option for screenshot…

I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Android v3.0.1: Motorola Xoom Getting a Screenshot

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