Feb 09 2011

Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

image_thumb7 Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HDI did a review of Windows Live Movie Maker a while back and my initial review of the Windows Live Movie Maker application may have been overly generous [a bit].

Being a techie kind of person, I started using Windows Live Movie Maker, got to know it really well, to a point of fault; I believe I learned to use it too well, and I then learned about it’s many problems.

This prompted me to make a choice of free application, broken features, or purchase a video editor that was more worthy of my time and creative abilities. I chose to purchase a video editing package, and now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I’m impressed.

This is my review of Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD…

Like I said, I had dove in to Windows Live Movie Maker to find a lot of limitations and problems with resources and codec issues. And Microsoft was no help in resolving either of those

I purchased Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD from Fry’s, my perfect place of serenity and hope, for a whopping $19. Looking back, it was a steal, considering the limits and frustration Windows Live Movie Maker was causing me.



The overall installation of the application was painless. The loading of the application seemed to take a while and seemed to pause more than normal on some spots; suspiciously on places like loading fonts… but ultimately, the application did install and one of the best things about installing new software, isn’t having to reboot afterwards. And you don’t have to reboot after the install on this one.


The Interface

The interface for editing the videos isn’t overly complex. In comparison to something like Windows Live Movie Maker, which is overly simplified; this gives the users MUCH more freedom in what they can achieve in video editing.

This is a screenshot of my video editing template. I created an ‘intro’ and ‘outro’ for my videos so I don’t have to generate it each time and all I have to do is drop the videos in make a few snips here and there and I’m done.

hryuxwpe_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

Commonly used features/functions are right above the timeline window at the bottom.

image_thumb8 Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

This is terribly convenient when doing video editing. The features of this software are the GROUP option; to group snippets of audio/video and other effects as one collective, and then once they’re grouped, you can drag them around on the timeline— arranging the video/audio elements how they best fit your needs.

The other function is the quick access to the TRIM options.

rchfpoe1_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

As shown above, this would be a luxury car to users of Windows Live Movie Maker. The functions for TRIM and CUT and SPLIT video is right there. You simply select the video you want to work with, set your position and then use your option… it’s very simple.




One of the things I had to learn with this new software was the audio editing, but once you understand the functions, you really go wow, that’s easy!

mtmb2y5z_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD




For instance, this is an audio track I inserted. And this a full-size time line. I mention those things because one, the audio there’s reduced [like with an audio mixer]; I have the audio here low, but I could raise it up with a  click of my mouse.

hfhjgwlv_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

From this same audio And same track, I have increased the volume of the track, and giving attention at the end, the audio FADES out. Another click of the mouse [left and right] determines how much time to FADE the audio IN/OUT. It’s a very nice feature; well thought out.

Also, not to mention the nicely provided sound mixer…

wpji11md_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

You can have lost of fun here! You won’t get anything like this from Windows Live Movie Maker.


The video editing is very easy, for the most part, I’ve never imported a video in to the application, I have only used drag-and-drop. I didn’t use the programs, import option; just drag-and-drop what I needed. This includes effects, but more about that later.

jggb13bz_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

Editing video is a lot like audio, so if you liked that, this will be a snap. Again, I can alter the fade of the video right there, on the front and end of the video. As you are working with the video, segments of the video are shown; like most other video editing applications. With the interface this application has, there’s less clicking and more doing.



I have not had any issues with performance thus far on my system. The installation was clean the overall function of the application is great. I haven’t broke out the users manual yet on the features of the application; which speaks to the ease of use, but the user manual is very nice to have nowadays.

When I import/drag-and-drop my videos, there’s not a pause or a stop in the system. I don’t see a fairly large impact on the overall performance of the PC. I do notice the CPU fan will kick in for X amount of time, but that’s something I would consider normal.

But the application has not crashed on me or caused me to loose any data, or projects, I was working on; unlike Windows Live Movie Maker.


Other Stuff/Effects

I did a quick video, just on the stuff you’ve been giving attention to here. This is just a quick browse of the program, the file menus and options.

I composed this video, while doing this post and then uploaded it using the Magix software application, and during the entire process, there’s a status on the screen indicating converting and then uploading the video to YouTube.

I actually used the stretch function on the audio file I had for the first time, so that it’d fit the length of the video; it was easy and interesting— and overall the presentation worked.

The option burn DVD’s is built right in to the application, unlike other video editing programs. the option to insert chapters in to the video, as your building it is available to you.

The sheer number of effects, for words, fading, 3d and lots of other stuff is in the application to; it’s all included.

1obj5g5n_thumb Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

I don’t know that I’ll get around to using all of them… ever.



I may have caught a great deal with buying this package for $19, but this is a great package. It normally sells for higher than that, but in considering all the frustrated people I have tried to help in the Windows Live Movie Maker forums to be left shrugging my shoulders saying ‘there’s nothing else make an attempt/fix’; people need a software package that works— and this one does.

I’m convinced that I’m only scratching the surface of what it can do, more advanced users could do some great stuff.

I hope this information helps you make an informed decision.


If you’ve any questions, please let me know…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.


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