Review: TeamViewer 6 – A Must have.

image_thumb9 Review: TeamViewer 6 - A Must have.Two years ago, I did a review on TeamViewer and back then I was impressed with the Remote Desktop abilities of the version they had then.

I have been so impressed with the growth of TeamViewer and consistent and high level of service they provide.

It’s clear that they have chose to take their product/service to the highest level and ensure you can service your customers from anywhere. And not only that, they have improved connected sessions, added VOIP (Voice Over IP Phone Service) and video chat sessions to their arsenal of support weapons.

All this fire power with the simplicity of basically double-clicking an icon…

My initial impression of TeamViewer is that the server client application they have is just as about as simple as it comes. Both parties can run the same application, seeing the same exact screen, and then all the client person has to do it give their session and 4 digit password key [which is random each time].

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And for the ones that are just attempting to get a quick session, TeamViewer now offers a QuickSupport option from their download options.

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The download on this option is very small and very effective. This version has the file transfer and the VOIP and video chat; everything you need right out of the box.

I used this option about 2 weeks ago with helping out one of my relatives. The process was so simple. I emailed them the download to the QuickSupport and then when they received the eMail, they clicked the link and within a few minutes, I was connected in using the VOIP and the video chat to enrich the session.

I didn’t have any problems.

Support for remote desktops doesn’t stop at PC to PC. TeamViewer has released iOS and Android versions for remote support for support sessions that need to be done right now; for those really mobile users.

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TeamViewer is a commercial grade product/service, but it’s offered as a free service for personal use.

But don’t let that fool you, it’s also a product that’s flexible enough to be easily placed on a jumpdrive and taken everywhere you go. It has a very small foot print.

The most attractive thing about TeamViewer is the absence of having to work with someone over the phone setting up a rule for a firewall connection. Some services require you to have a rule exception to allow remote access to the server PC; but not TeamViewer. It functions without that hassle— and can be truly referred to as ‘it just works’.

And if you are searching for something a little more commercial and offering remote support for machines 24/7; TeamViewer offers their TeamViewer Host. This is an application that’s installed and simply waits for another TeamViewer user to connect in, at anytime; just waiting.

I’m very impressed with TeamViewer. I highly recommend it for those quick Remote Desktop sessions that pop-up.

And if you are on something other than Windows; no problem— it supports MAC and Linux.

Next time you’re in a pinch, don’t forget this awesome tool!

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