Feb 19 2011

Fast Add – For Dragon NaturallySpeaking [FREE]

imageI use Dragon NaturallySpeaking a lot and I find that there’s a lot of Internet words that Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t know and while the application is supposed to smartly add those new words to Dragon NaturallySpeaking I find that majority of the time, it doesn’t and knowing that Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t going to know some words, I would rather select those words, and just push add them to the vocabulary in Dragon NaturallySpeaking; but that process isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be.

I know Dragon NaturallySpeaking has functions in place to examine your emails, scan your documents and even import word listings, but the problem I was running in to was the one’sy/two’sy type situations, and having to stop for things like that, just breaks the rhythm of working.

So, I created a program that’d make it a little easier and faster.


First, it doesn’t work solely alone. It works in conjunction with another program. That program is called VOCEDIT.





It has some unique functions to it, which makes it interesting for me.



I’m not able to say this application is completely for the novice, but it’s very easy to use; both mine and his…

Like for instance the VOCEDIT.EXE file has to be in the same folder as NATSPEAK.EXE – not hard. See the screenshot from below – they might help you more, if you need it.

So, what his does, is provide a really easy way to input words, save and exit; very simple. I needed this function, but with some more tweaks.

The tweaks come from AutoHotKey.


Fast Add…
[for Dragon NaturallySpeaking]

My little application is called ‘FAST ADD’ for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s purpose is to allow the user to select a word/phrase and then get that word/phrase in to Dragon NaturallySpeaking very quickly and then let you/me get back to work.

My application is a standalone application; you can put it anywhere on your system and run it.

Upon running it for the first time, it’ll ask you where your installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is…


     ‘C:Program Files (x86)NuanceNaturallySpeaking10Program’

[ensure you add the ‘’ to the end of the path…]



The application goes from there to the system tray and simply waits. It’s not dependent on Dragon NaturallySpeaking running; you can add words to Dragon NaturallySpeaking anytime you want to… which makes it nice if you’re running across weird words and just think you need to add that to the vocabulary.


I’ve included in the tray menu, the option to open VOCEDIT manually; to see more options. To exit the application, links to my site and the HELP menu [with instructions].

The usage…

I select the text to add to Dragon NaturallySpeaking…


I press CTRL ALT F12…


At this point, the application is asking me what does this need to look like in a written and spoken form. The entry window has the examples.

I choose OK. The information is taken and entered in to the VOCEDIT in about 1 second, and then Fast Add returns to a wait status— awaiting for the next word.




You can open Dragon NaturallySpeaking and verify the entry is there if you need to…


You’ll see from this example, that the word was added; both in the written and spoken form.


From here you can train the word if you want to.. or delete it.



Fast Add [for Dragon NaturallySpeaking] 

So, there… very simple.


I created another one for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 users.

It’s ment for the users who use the DragonBar at the top of the desktop; it helps with adding words to the vocabulary as well, but doesn’t require the VOCEdit.


FastAdd for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 


I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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