Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.

yeimxvco_thumb Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.A few months ago the social news website Digg was one of my favorite websites to visit and then they changed their design, function and overall feel for the entire site.

Because of this design change and fundamental change in operation, the site was criticized, scolded and confound near abandoned.

The launch of the new site was riddled with ‘buggs’, and their servers being offline, and some links for the stories not working at all; it was a whole slew of things that just were not up to snuff. And many people thought this was just ridiculous! Digg?! Offline.. yeah, it was happening and it was happening a lot. For an about a week, Digg was knocked off it’s feet more often than a $5 hooker.

Digg had been promising a new algorithm for the stories rankings, better content, more interactive and more fun to visit… Digg was nothing of of that and less.

For weeks nothing on Digg was original, and every top story on Digg was being placed on Reddit first. Digg was nothing more than a copy of Reddit which seemed to be out-shining Digg by a mine and with a MUCH LESS attractive user interface; seems les was more for Reddit.

While Digg struggled, Reddit was screaming with new content and traffic was up like 40%!

Digg was like, WTF do we do… CONCESSIONS! Announce we’ll make changes! …and so they did. They said they were going to change this and change that, and look at what users were requesting. And what they were really were asking for was to put the crap back the way it was and stop freaking around with stuff.

The BURY button was returned.  The GUI was adjusted, the algorithm was altered, back more in line with what they had before.

nibepspk_thumb Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.

And one of the bigger things with Digg v4 was supposed to be the submission of the RSS articles, which by the way was just removed.

So, at this point, I’m asking Digg, WTF did you change?!

If you launched with v4 with all these changes, only to have the public call you out as being utterly retarded in execution and product roll out; and now to have basically all the ‘features’ rescinded.

WTF are you now? …back to square one.

Personally, I still drop by Digg every once in a while, just to see what’s going on, if anything has changed, but for the most part, I find the Digg website a social news failure. There’s typically nothing NEW on Digg that hasn’t already graced the front pages of Reddit.

I’ve never had an article of mine hit Digg’s front page; probably never will, and the fact that their users know how to jack with their system better than they do, ensures that the social news ‘one time’ giant is utterly worthless. They’re virtually being outsmarted by the public they’re supposed to be serving.

Digg, I give you… no, you have earned my BURY button – your dead.  you can’t escape the fact you tried a complete overhaul of the website and it defecated in your face! Splat- right on your nose. Your users revolted, your servers crashed and now your back in square one; attempting to polish an old Pinto.

Go BURY yourself in the sand…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.

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