Feb 05 2011

Android Market is bad… AppBrain App Market = Awesome.

4lctyp2oMy disappointment in the Android Market presentation is beyond depressing. For the last year and a half, I have had my Android phone and recently updated to a Droid x phone; it’s definitely better than the last phone [original Droid], but while applications are being updated, the Market isn’t.

The way the Android Market is laid out is BAD.

I find it a real hassle to get around in the Market. There’s more marketing to other applications than to what I’m attempting to find in the Market.

Here’s what I mean…

The basic market looks like this, and I understand about marketing to the public and showing off other applications in a market place; basically promoting them. And that’s what Google is about.


My problem with the market is the layout once you do your search… and I would think that most people would agree on this.



I’d like to see who is the most downloaded, who was recently updated, who is the highest rated? None of these options are there to choose from… it just starts off in a list of crap you have to sift through; it’s horrible and it’s not effective enough.

I’d like to find quality applications, I’d like to know that this one, or that one, is the most popular when I’m attempting to make a selection.

And I’m very surprised that with how well the Android operating system has done, there’s been basically no updates to this area… clearly the application market is the driving force of a Smartphone. iOS or Android, the markets are what really fuels the smartphones.

This leads me to clarify that Google and Android aren’t the ones to handle this area; and AppBrain App Market is..


Enter the AppBrain App Market

There was an article I was reading this week and it reported on the AppBrain App Market and the vanilla Android market; obviously AppBrain App Market is doing the installation and presentation of the applications much better than Google is… and I also believe that’s weird.

I believe Google should be ruling the roost there… but… not.


And from the AppBrain App Market website, you’ve got this…


It’s a much better presentation of the applications for Google/Android. It’s showcasing more applications, more information, ratings, downloads and overall easier to gleam what you are really searching for… the perfect application for you.

The AppBrain App Market guys make it easy to manage your applications via the web interface. Once the AppBrain App Market is installed on your Android phone, and you have an account with AppBrain App Market, it places a new icon on the home screen.


And it waits in the background… so what you do from the web is reciprocated on your phone; it’s nicer than jacking around on a small screen.


And this is a much better solution to messing with the Android market directly, or from your phone.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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