Feb 08 2011

Android Finally gets Dragon NaturallySpeaking as the ‘FlexT9’ application

gtl324tfAs with a lot of people who have been awaiting a version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Android; it’s here! It’s just not called Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The comparison between Android voice recognition and Nuance voice recognition seems to be an ongoing battle. The only companies really battling it out right now for voice recognition dominance is Nuance and Google; Microsoft has decided they can’t seem to compete in anything.

Sorry, that was incorrect to clarify; but true… moving on.

Where to get the plug-in…

The FlexT9 application is available in the Android market place. Unfortunately for some, the plug-in isn’t free. This would be an issue for some, but if you think the higher voice recognition rate is worth it; it’s under $5.



It’s funny because Nuance waves Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a killer application and yet they don’t leverage this in the Android market… they call it something else. If you do a search in the market place, you won’t find ‘Dragon NaturallySpeaking’, but you can search for ‘Nuance dragon’ and find the plug-in…


The installation only takes a few seconds. Once it’s installed you have to simply select the input method. Swype seems to be included with Android now, and I had UBER KEYBOARD for a long time, and now I’ve added FlexT9.


FlexT9 is a combination of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Swype, touchpad and a dash of UBER KEYBOARD. FlexT9 allows the user to use Swype and voice recognition in tandem, and if you are spelling a word; it’s smart. It’ll detect you are attempting to complete a word.

I created a video of me using the application with Android to give you an idea of the usage and functions of the plug-in, with out having to actually purchase it.


Now, I don’t know how useful everyone is going to think this is; I find it very useful. I can speak to my phone in long sentences and the text is pushed out with amazing accuracy. When using Nuance’s plug-in, you can speak more fluently.

5eulq0q1Google is getting better, but the voice recognition still requires you to slow down a bit. This is where you can tell Nuance’s devotion to the art of voice recognition comes in to play.

I’d speculate one of the bonus features of the application, not that I have found it to be terrible accurate, you can actually spell out the letters of the words if you want to. But I didn’t find this useful because I could type it in or speak it in very easily.

I don’t know how useful this is going to be for anyone who decides to use it, or it the option will stay in the application, but it show that there’s different way to get input in the Android Smartphone.


So far, I have found nothing but good things from this application. If you are interested in checking it out, head on over to the Android market.

If you are needing to input notes, or write stuff and find that your fingers just can’t keep up… you need to try this out.


I appreciate it…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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