Nuance Releases SDK for voice recognition for Android and iOS – at really high cost

Nuance-trouble-SDK_thumb Nuance Releases SDK for voice recognition for Android and iOS - at really high costFor months, since the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone, users of the Android phone have only been able to stand fast and wait for a [possible] Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Android, but the wait is over… Nuance has chosen not to generate an application for Android, but to release the SDK for the development of a voice recognition application using their voice recognition engine.

From my standpoint, this is very surprising. I’ve emailed Peter Mahoney several times and this move seems like it’s a fairly large mistake. Why would you allow the flagship product of your company to be bastardized in such a manner? To simply allow anyone to write an interface to Nuances voice recognition engine— actually they haven’t.

There are some stiff charges with wanting to work with Nuance on the development of a voice recognition system with them.

Unlike the Dragon NaturallySpeaking application for the iPhone, any development on this SDK is going to be a hefty charge.

Nuance dev is offering the SDK FREE for 90 days, but only for 90 days. At a minimum of $1000 to develop with it; I don’t know who is going to really do that. I believe this would be the way they’re going to ensure that whoever decides to develop with it is really serious. Obviously, this a money factor.

Nuance’s plan to interface with their voice recognition system is fee based, the more your users use the service, the more the developer has to pay to keep using it.

And after 90 days, the fun really starts. This website has a nice post on how the charges and fees break down.


I like this little section:

Consider a user who uses your application once a day, just one.

Your application is a voice recognition and voice synthesis when used (as WakeVoice example), two transactions.

The cost of using Dragon is therefore: 30 x 0.02 x 2 = $ 1.2 / month / user.


All this information is fairly new, and if all this information is true; it’s a slap in the face of any developers that want to use their technology. And this kind of move by Nuance would do nothing, but re-enforce my position that Nuance is not only going to lose the mobile voice recognition war to Android/Google, this is really going to give those rogue developers out there the fuel and fighting spirit to ensure Nuance doesn’t win.

I can say this because Android doesn’t charge for development of the voice recognition with Google, or with iOS— imagine that.

And again, iPhone users have been enjoying Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone for along time, at no charge. And Android and iOS users have voice recognition right now from Google/Android, for free— no charge. Why would anyone choose to go this route?

I would love for someone, anyone at Nuance, shed some light on this one…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Nuance Releases SDK for voice recognition for Android and iOS - at really high cost

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