Jan 04 2011

Microsoft: Why are they last in everything?

image_thumb2 Microsoft: Why are they last in everything?You name the arena Microsoft seems to be finding themselves in a tight pickle here lately. I haven’t been impressed with Microsoft since before Bill Gates left the helm.

Bill Gates would have never let Microsoft drop the ball on mobile computing! But Steve Ballmer does; and makes it look easy…

For the most part Microsoft seems to be pushing hard in the same mono-direction of the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Outlook, but everything outside of that… it’s just sad.

So far the track record of losing points is Zune, Internet Explorer, Mobile operating system, Blogging service [Windows LIVE SPACES] and even dare to say Windows operating system in general.

Microsoft Finally conceded that their blogging service [Spaces] was not going anywhere. So much of a flop, and being ignored as a product, they had to shut the service down and port all the Windows LIVE SPACES users over to the uber popular WordPress. As of March 17th, Windows LIVE SPACES will be offline.

Google has made a punch in to the world of operating system, mobile computing, TV, and many other areas and are simply outpacing Microsoft. And all this seems to be growing list of things that Microsoft can’t do good or on a timely schedule.

All during this decline, we have Steve Ballmer at the helm. So, one would have to ask; does Steve Ballmer have the foresight, the vision, to drive a company that once was a driving factor of the technology industry?

I don’t think so.

Internet Explorer is dead; any mention of Internet Explorer is simply chatter about a dead horse. When anyone thinks MP3 player, they think iPOD; it’s not about Zune. 40% of all new phones sold, those are running Android; not Windows 7 Mobile. Windows Mobile operating system only makes up about 5% of the phone market right now. It’s a depressing thought…

And the threat Microsoft should be most concerned about now is the continued rapid development of the Android operating system. The Android is being deployed on every hardware platform that’s being offered; and some it’s not supposed to be on. Android is quickly becoming the standard operating system for just about everything.

I don’t think Microsoft is seriously taking Android as a true competitor in the desktop world, but in all actuality Google is going in all directions other than the desktop.

There’s not a lot of direct force going to the desktop, but Microsoft seems to be very confident in the desktop, but a lot of newer devices [phones and tablets] are ran from Android. If Google can continue that drive with Android; this could kill the Windows operating system for the general population, simply by circumventing the whole category.

I just wonder how many things is Microsoft going to allow to slip before the company starts seeing a fairly large impact on their position?

But they can’t stare away too long…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Microsoft: Why are they last in everything?

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