Jan 13 2011

AT&T loses exclusivity to the iPhone, so it lies about being 4G

image_thumb6 AT&T loses exclusivity to the iPhone, so it lies about being 4GIn a move that can only be described as ‘dickish’ AT&T has started running advertisements about their network is going to be 4G. this is nothing more than a ploy to try to soothe current iPhone users over concerns of network performance with the iPhone.

The simple fact is that AT&T does not have a widespread 4G network; their network is mainly 3G, but this isn’t going to stop AT&T from advertising [falsely] that they have a 4G network; to go so far as to say that they have not upgraded their network since the iPhone users are currently using any applications that use that much bandwidth, saying that they have a 4G network, that current users would not know the difference.

I think this is deception clear and simple.

AT&T’s chief technology officer, John Donovan, said this…

“The whole industry has come to equate more speed with 4G,” said Ralph de la Vega, chief executive of AT&T’s wireless unit. He says consumers generally won’t notice the difference in speed between AT&T’s HSPA-plus and upcoming LTE networks, so it makes sense to call both 4G.

John Donovan, AT&T’s chief technology officer, said speeds on HSPA-plus and LTE phones will feel similar now, but users will start to notice a difference in the two technologies once richer applications become available.

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Seriously, the argument is that the customers won’t know the difference?

The complaints about AT&T’s high-speed wireless network for the iPhone’s have been the major complaint of the phone ever since it debuted. arguments and comparisons between AT&T and Verizon 4G networks have been compared and AT&T lost its argument; it simply does not have the largest 4G network.

obviously, people in large cities, like New York, have been complaining about the service of AT&T and the iPhone for years; even so much as the mayor of New York to contact Apple directly complain.

And with the announcement of the iPhone coming to Verizon, and humiliating style, AT&T was completely smashed by Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, where he spent approximately 10 minutes bashing and complaining about AT&T’s service— making comments and showing videos of customers with AT&T service, showing how displeased they were [to say the least].

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I think those with AT&T service and the iPhone, and the ability to move to Verizon without a hefty termination fee, will make the jump immediately, but I think that all those other people who have contracts and can’t afford to change immediately will have to wait.

I think AT&T is going to lose a great deal for customers over the simple fact their network can’t sustain the amount traffic it’s supposed to. And instead of advertising that they’re getting a new 4G network, and trying to actively deceive their customers, perhaps AT&T should actually invest in the network and come up with an actual 4G network and stop jacking with the customers [considering that AT&T has the lowest customer support writing out all the carriers].

It’s just an idea…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c AT&T loses exclusivity to the iPhone, so it lies about being 4G

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