Dec 13 2010

Thunderbird Contacts – Enabling Cookies

imageOne of the more interesting add-ons to Mozilla’s Thunderbird recently has been the contact services. the purpose of the contact services is to allow you to reach out to Internet and collective social information about your contacts.

Currently the contact service for Thunderbird only supports Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter and Yahoo.

The service seems to work fine by default thinking to Twitter and LinkedIn, but when you try to connect to other services you receive the message about Thunderbird could not connect to the service because cookies were not enabled.

One would quickly ask how do you enable cookies in an e-mail client; that was the problem that I was having.

Contact services is a plug-in for Thunderbird…



Contact Services 


Considering that the contact services are still considered an experimental project with a number, it’s easy to understand why there’s problems with it. But with a little patience and the resources of Google typically you can find the answers to pretty much any questions you have.

Here’s a screenshot of the contact services and Thunderbird.



in order to enable cookies in Thunderbird; go to tools, options, advanced and look under the Gen. tab— there’s an option for the configuration editor.



You receive a message, warning that if you mess with the configuration you could damage the system— this is absolutely true, so you need to be especially careful when modifying the settings in the configuration.



At the top of the configuration page, there’s an option to type in a search criteria; enter the word ‘cookie’.


You should be looking for the second option in the listing, ‘network.Cookie.Cookiebehavior’— double-click on that selection and change the value from two, to three. Just as it’s shown in the screenshot above…

Exit the configuration page [using the X. in the top right-hand corner]; exit Thunderbird and reopen the application.

You should be able to go back to contact services in Thunderbird at this point and then link up with the appropriate social networks.


Another plug-in that you might need for using the contact services with Thunderbird is called OAuthorizer… It’ll be installed when the contact service do.



While this release and this feature in Thunderbird is not refined it does show a great amount of promise.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.


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