Dec 31 2010

The Rage: The Battle Over Who Controls The Internet

75px-NetNeutrality_logo.svg The Rage: The Battle Over Who Controls The InternetThe ongoing battle of Net Neutrality is such a big issue and it seems to be getting only attention from the day to day idiots. The issues that are facing the Internet, and the results, could wind up making the Internet a ubiquitous commodity like copper.

Make no doubt, the race is on to market the Internet ‘speed’ and access.

I was recently asked about my perspective on Net Neutrality and my response is simple; no impositions. No tiers, no charges, no taxes and no special propositions should be placed upon the Internet; it should be a level playing field.

But players like Comcast and AT&T aren’t going for that; they want to control the access and content that users can get to. THIS is how they’re going to preserve their business and make MORE money.

I’ve reported several times about how ISPs are attempting to control the Internet and control the content of the Internet. It seems they realize they can’t do that themselves, cause it’s too hot in the kitchen when they do it— so they’re going to get the FCC to do it for them. They’re going to force the government to step in and say what is and what isn’t legal in the eyes of the law.

I can’t impressed with the ‘greater’ minds of the government; they can’t balance a budget, much less figure out how the ‘pipes’ of the Internet work. It best that the government stay out of the Internet regulation altogether, but it’s really too late for that.

With providers like Comcast and AT&T in place they’re already putting place away to control content and HOW FAST you can get that content. It’s not enough that Comcast is raking in dough hand over fist, but now they’re going charge content providers like Level3 if they want push more content… There’s only ever going to be MORE content— that’s the way everything is going!

At what end?

When is this trek going to end?

It’s not; it’s going to moving forward until the providers control everything you do and watch on the web and they’re going to give everything a priority. And someone would ask how is this different than channel surfing? It’s not… You might as we’ll be paying for channel packages, or tier’s of service.

If the ISP’s of the world continue to break down and limit all the aspects of the Internet; what we know now as the Internet isn’t going to be the same then [in the future]. It’s imperative that the Internet stay open and free; free from any limitations.


Until next time,
Larry Henry Jr. 

pixy The Rage: The Battle Over Who Controls The Internet

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  • stevemicheals

    Well I do not think any individual or a corporate company can control the internet. How ever our governments which we elect can control the internet. However individuals like you and me have still power to raise the question about the government's intentions.

    So I do not think in near future any individual or group is going to control internet. Thanks For writing such a great post.

    • lehenryjr

      Right now, that's the fight… Who can control or tame it. Government wants to control it, corporations want to control what they can charge for it. If you look at what China is doing; it could be that bad. The open platform is being threatened by governments and corporations. Of all the things the Internet can provide, it can also be charged for and limited— I don't want to see either.

      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

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