Nov 29 2010

PeerBlock For Additional Protection For Your PC

imageWhen you get on to the Internet you can’t tell from one moment to the next where security problems are going to come from or if spam is going to wind up on your screen, and for those who torrent or use Peer to Peer connection applications; you know there’s a lot of bad elements out there just waiting to jack with your machine.

So while surfing the web is great, and you may already have a good anti-virus application running on your machine, having something else that’s blocking bad sites in real-time is awesome.

The main purpose of PeerBlock is to keep unwanted connections or phony connections out of your system and to ensure the only connections you make— are the respectable ones. PeerBlock does this very well.

PeerBlock has been a personal ‘must have’ for a couple of years now.


You don’t have to do anything really; you install the application on your PC— it runs in the background blocking ‘bad traffic’ in real-time.

The application runs silently, the bad site listings are constantly updated. You can’t get hit by bad sites when your computer won’t accept connections from them.

PeerBlock just got an update to 1.1; making it better with 64-bit support and using another blocklist site.

PeerBlock can be a bit aggressive in it’s filtering efforts; so there’s issues you might run in to if you frequent sites of ill content on a regular basis, but it’s okay. The PeerBlock application can be paused/disabled for a period of time to allow you to continue you brash dance with danger.

I believe this is a perfect compliment to keeping a PC safe. Especially, if the person using the PC is ignorant about using the web, and what wild risks are abound on the web.

Don’t torrent, gnuetella, Limewire, or any other Peer to Peer application with out PeerBlock.



Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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