Microsoft Windows 7 Turns ONE

image_thumb35 Microsoft Windows 7 Turns ONEThe Redmond giant is enjoying some very nice news. They’re still enjoying the growth of Windows 7 and estimates are that within the next 2+ years, the market will be flooded with Windows 7; wiping out Windows XP— finally.

According to Microsoft they’ve sold 240 million copies of Windows 7 [from October 22nd 2009], but I believe I would argue that a bit because of all the people having bought Windows 7 and automatically downgraded to Windows XP.

I know it seems odd, but there are people who are dead set on using XP for their software and for their business; fully fighting the urge to move forward with current technology. To them I say, ‘nay, Windows 7 redeems and stokes Microsoft’s coals’.

Windows 7 was the achievement they were searching for…

Microsoft is a fierce competitor. If they’re challenged, they’ll rest and lull about; doing nothing. But in the last 3-4 years they have been challenged.

Microsoft is trying to renew the name and confidence of their Internet Explorer browser. A browser who’s name is synonymous with performance woes and security flaws even Helen Keller could see, but there’s been a renewed effort to restore it to a previous shine. I don’t know that Microsoft can do that with Internet Explorer, but from the amount of notice they’re getting, the efforts are there.

Microsoft is also working on putting out more updates/patches to their operating system. It’s not a secret, but Microsoft is already planning the release of Windows 8. Windows 8 is planned to be a compatible 64-bit operating system; looking forward to a 128-bit operating system. Their plans are to avoid the history of a 12 year old dominate, established operating system, like Windows XP and release a new version of their operating system every 3 years.

The Microsoft Office application suite has been turned out as well. The pot of gold for Microsoft is the Microsoft Office suite. Each time Microsoft somehow convinces millions of users to buy the upgrade to Microsoft office, with small improvements here and there. But I believe there’s fear that, that money train is drying up a bit and everything has to go web. Notably the fear of this is shown in the recent attack on an open source package called OpenOffice. There’s no direct reason to attack another product directly unless you’re threatened by it— and Microsoft did just that.

The Windows Live is also trying to get with backing/supporting the software giant by creating/providing a plethora of ‘essential’ applications that just about every user would need right out of the starting gates. This could be equated to the basic/standard offerings of the Apple MAC. This is a good move for Microsoft and the Windows Live team, but Apple has had years to solidify their offerings in the world of media— Windows Live, I believe, are trying to match Apple in this arena.

And not all this, but to take notice that Microsoft is pushing processing and data to the web. Offering services to the ‘cloud’ and to the ‘SkyDrive’; making users more dependent on their services. While I see the benefit to having access to the ‘cloud’ I’m not convinced that the purpose of the ‘cloud’ isn’t malicious, or could be used in a disingenuous way.

The biggest challenge for Microsoft, for which they REALLY missed the boat, is the world of mobile computing. Microsoft just released their new Windows 7 mobile operating system for smartphones, but I read & hear, high praise from reviewers and all the ‘sneak peaks’ of Windows 7, but the test is going to be; can Windows 7 unsettle, dismount and forge forward to wedge a place for itself in the mobile market with so much buzz about Google and Apple around. And something more concerning, in the same erroneous track Apple did, Microsoft has signed a deal to only have a Windows 7 mobile phone with AT&T; simply a mistake.

The fact that Microsoft is so big doesn’t cause fault, it’s the mentality… The corporate mentality.

Google is dominating the market because they’re going with everyone. Bill Gates KNEW that the hardware isn’t the key, it’s the SOFTWARE. Microsoft has forgotten this. Every carrier right now offers an android phone. Android is the most popular, the highest selling, and apparently the most flexible operating system in the web right now. Having stated that, WHY would Microsoft want to lock themselves in to a proprietary contract with such arch evil as AT&T?

But there’s a slight balance. Microsoft is releasing the NEW Xbox, there’s a new breath to Hotmail, they’re working on a more social offering in their products [Microsoft Outlook connector and services like Facebook] and Microsoft is showing that there’s NO NEED to reinvent the wheel when it’s already being down well with the migration from Windows Live Spaces to

It’s been an interesting first year for Microsoft and Windows 7, but I believe Microsoft is really trying to bring it around…


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Larry Henry Jr. 

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