Why we won’t see many Microsoft or Google apps on iOS?

[By Guest Blogger  – MDE3]

image_thumb22 Why we won’t see many Microsoft or Google apps on iOS?Google and Microsoft have come up with a good plan on how to get their programs on the iOS (that is the software that powers the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad). Google and Microsoft have both written an application (Google and Bing) to be used on the iPhone.

Both of their applications send you to a browser, and rely on the internet. This could be bad if you have a limited data plan or have a slow connection.

So, why could this be good for Google and Microsoft?

There are several reasons:

1. Both companies have their own software powering smartphones. Why would you want your competitor to have all the features that your phone has, when you could use it as a selling point to buy a Google and Microsoft phone?
     You would NOT want that…

2. Apple is not going to allow the type of access to the hardware that Google and Microsoft might need for some of their software to run.

3. In the world of technology, information is king…

If Google and Microsoft make you use their web based applications, then they can use that data to find out how to market to you. Whether that is trying to sell you on more of their products or provide 3rd party advertisers better metrics to market to you and thus increasing the advertisers ROI (Return on Investment).

And who will be the dominant software on Smartphones?

My bet is going to be the ones that have the services and software that you want. This includes a couple of others I have not mentioned yet. RIM and Nokia make good phones, but I don’t think they are going to be strong players in the Smartphone market for very long.

Check out some of the services that Google and Microsoft provide and decide what is best for you.

This is not all of them, but these are all things that Apple does not provide:







Family Safety








Spaces [ending March 2011]




Google Mail









So, having rambled on, I hope you can see that the reason you won’t see Google and Microsoft applications on the iPhone is because of money.  Apple has the buzz of the market, but Google and Microsoft is about to take most of it away.


— MDE3


image23 Why we won’t see many Microsoft or Google apps on iOS?This submission is from our guest blogger – MDE3…
MDE3 is an IT professional from the Dallas, TX area. He’s been working in the IT field for the last 10 years; he works closely with various DBA platforms and the latest Microsoft CRM systems. You can visit him at SirSlur.com or you can follow him on Twitter @MDE3.

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zemified_c Why we won’t see many Microsoft or Google apps on iOS?

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