Samsung Breaks the Mold – Preps The World For Carrier Freedom!

image_thumb22 Samsung Breaks the Mold - Preps The World For Carrier Freedom!Finally- FINALLY! We’ve a manufacture that’s cracked the code, listened to the customers and has decided to deliver what the people have been asking for…

A carrier independent device that can access the voice/data plan of any one of the major phone carriers.

While I understand the concept of offering discounted prices for phones with specific carriers, I’ve never, NEVER, liked being tied in to one carrier for my phone. And WHY?

How smart is it to have a Smartphone that can’t go to another carrier? To have to buy a whole new phone, charge me for a migration fee, just to start over- that’s crap!

Fortunately, Samsung seems to have listened…

Obviously when the Samsung Galaxy is released, it won’t be subsidized by the major carriers and customers can expect to have to pay full price for the device, but this would be an acceptable cost because you build go to any one of the major carriers without switching devices. and looking at all the surcharges that would be imposed upon changing carrier services, start up fees and migration charges[…] customers may actually break even.

Samsung is planning to release a new tablet on the market  [Galaxy] and it’ll be running the android platform 2.2. It’ll be compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile with an option for WiFi connections only coming in the near future. While the tablet devices should only be sporting 3G speeds, I would expect upgrades very soon.

And as with the other android platforms, version 2.2, they’re going to have Adobe flash installed; something that the iPhone and iPad users can’t do – surely this will be a point friction for the Apple users.

It seems just about every smart phone and tablets being released now, has front and rear facing cameras, can record video and DVD quality, video chat and extensibility for additional memory storage. the new Galaxy tablet only have a 5 inch screen, slightly bigger than most smartphones, but you’re still able to place the tablet in your pocket.

And because the Galaxy tablet will be the android platform, it can start enjoying the compatibility, plug-ins and extensibility of the android platform.

Samsung is also planning on providing a service for downloadable content, TV shows and movies. Rumor has it, the server shall be very similar to iTunes.

The android platform is clearly the most popular smartphone operating system on the market, as I’ve mentioned before, as well as reports from the Internet confirming that. The domination of the android platform is simply because it’s not proprietary, and it’s not locked into a specific carrier or hardware. Samsung has obviously noticed the popularity of the android platform, and why it’s so popular; it’s freedom and flexibility.

Samsung is a major provider of hardware, and I would expect to see more manufacturers follow suit on making cell phones/smart phones or carrier independent, I believe this will result in a better overall product for all customers; finally carrier freedom!


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