Internet TV: Is It Ready For Prime Time?

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Hulu has become a new favorite of mine, but not so much the service, but the option to cable TV. The service is good with Hulu, but it’s more than the service; it’s the hardware that’s required to work with those types of services.

I was looking at a Roku box today and it was being offered at a very acceptable price, but it actually has me thinking of the issues of not being developed enough. There’s complaints about Hulu not being robust enough to keep customers, but faced with the alternative… It’s not a bad option.

From what I was reading Roku is more focuses on the Netflix option than anything else; that seems to be it’s bread and butter, but it leaves me wondering why something like this would be locked in to one provider since it can play multiple media streams? Why not allow Hulu?

Apple TV apparently has been the standard to compete with. But from what I read and what’ve seen Apple is getting ready to release another version of their Apple TV streaming product.

From the posts/readings, Roku is lowering their price to brace for the latest release of Apple TV’s media box offering.

I was just discussing Boxee the other day with/in another post; it’s another offering that’s out there and it can pull down Hulu streams, but has the ability to many other things… All dealing with media.

I’ve been contemplating it a lot, but with boys like Seagate and WD getting in to the game of media players, and media devices- you’ve to think and know it’s going to get better and it’s this the right time to get in to the IP TV battles?

We’ll have to keep watching…


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zemified_a Internet TV: Is It Ready For Prime Time?

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