How to: Import MOV Files In To Windows Live Movie Maker [easy]

image_thumb36 How to: Import MOV Files In To Windows Live Movie Maker [easy]I’m finally getting back around to a problem that I was having with Windows Live Movie Maker not being able to work with QuickTime movie files [MOV].

Windows Live Movie Maker is still in the beta phase and hasn’t been officially released to the public, a release candidate is expected to be released soon.

A little while back I posted a review about Windows Live Movie Maker [beta] and I talked about all the new features in the performance of the new application, but after the article was posted someone brought to my attention that Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t handle high-definition MOV files correctly.

During the process of my review I never got a chance to test those types of files; today I did and Windows Live Movie Maker definitely has a problem with handling QuickTime movie file […]

But there’s a solution…

What I found out was pretty interesting…

Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t treat movie files [MOV] the same way it treats MP4 files. There’s a bad logic in it right now – it’s in beta – maybe it won’t there when it goes official. Who knows?

Here’s what I mean.

I have a digital camera to that records to a SD Card; the camera is almost 5 years old, but still works very well. All the movies are captured in MOV h2.64, or MP4.

The videos I have play perfectly on the Windows Media Player; just fine, but make an attempt put them in Windows Live Movie Maker and it thinks they’re corrupt. Go figure.

Here’s my video:

So that’s the example and here’s what I have to do…

First, I download two different files:


This will install the codec for the high def video for the avc1 and H.264/MPEG-4.

I installed those, rebooted my machine.

Once the machine rebooted, I opened up my movie folder, renamed one of the video files to MP4. I then went to Windows Live Movie Maker and then I dragged the movie file into the application; everything worked fine.

So, now I can drag and drop video files, after I rename the extension to MP4, right into Windows Live Movie Maker.


Sadly, the Windows live support forum for Windows Live Movie Maker is a barren land of canned answers and responses; I wasn’t impressed by the support technicians effort to try to help people who have legitimate problems with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Inquiries made about issues about not being able to import MOV video formats were basically shooed away to an FAQ page that provided no detailed information on how to fix the problem.

Windows Live Movie Maker has no built-in mechanism to intelligently recognize the different video formats that it should be able to support. There should be some architecture behind the application that helps identify the correct video format and then downloads the proper codec.

The responses from the support forum indicate that Microsoft is not going to have any involvement in the process of figuring out which codec you need; they simply turn you loose on the Internet to try to find the miracle files.

I have a video player called VLC that plays just about any file video format, and what Windows Live Movie Maker makes you do to be able to import a MOV file is ridiculous.

I still think that Windows Live Movie Maker is a good application, but it really needs some refining processes done on recognizing video formats and dealing with file extensions and helping the user find the proper codecs to work with their videos; simply putting all responsibility on them, for something so complicated […] that’s a bad design.

I hope this helps…



Until next time,

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zemified_c How to: Import MOV Files In To Windows Live Movie Maker [easy]

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