image_thumb DIGG: Twitter FAIL WHALE, meet BROKEN AN AXLEDigg used to be the place to go to get your fill on social news, but lately, in conjunction with the release of Digg v4, it’s been down more often than a $5 hooker.

In the rings of social news, in the previous version Digg was tolerable, old, but tolerable. Now Digg is supposed to be new and improved and have more appeal- it doesn’t.

There’s been reports of corruption and rigging at Digg for a long time. They said with the latest release all that was going to change…

If you visit Digg right now, most likely, it’s going to be plagued with stories from Reddit. Reddit is another social news website, much less fancy and lots less panache, it’s getting the job done. And despite the complaints in the area of Reddit- their services aren’t crashing like Digg is right now.

It’s one of the fastest ways to rid your self of users, keep taking your site down. Or keep jacking out problems like not displaying stories like they should. That’s a prime disaster for killing traffic.

And in this example, Digg crashes/stalls on attempting to load a story; ironic though… The story should just say – we’re fixing it! ALL!

image_thumb1 DIGG: Twitter FAIL WHALE, meet BROKEN AN AXLE

And while everyone that’s been using Digg all these years knows, the guys at Digg are attempting to put the pieces in the their proper places, but by the time they do, will anyone care? They’ve been working on Digg for four months. There was an open beta test…

Seems to me there should’ve been MORE testing.

No one seems to like the new Digg GUI, no one seems to like the fact the service is going down more often than a watering bird and honestly it seems that the way Digg is structured right now all the stories from Reddit are on the front page anyway- so why not just go to Reddit?

Twitter has had it’s issues of service as well, with the introduction and frequent appearances of the ‘Fail Whale’ – now Digg has introduced a new, more popular Internet character [bull and wagon] ‘Broken An Axle’ graphic.

So back when Digg was enjoying al the traffic on the account of Twitter being down, now the focus is reflected back.


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