Sep 05 2010

CraigsList gets CENSORED Section

image_thumb6 CraigsList gets CENSORED Section

Whether you agree or disagree with prostitution or human trafficking, and regardless of the fact, I think what the media and the Justice Department is doing to craigslist is wrong.

And if the police were so concerned with the amount of illegal activity being ran through craigslist, instead of helping to shut it down, perhaps they might use it as an option to attract all the undesirables and apprehend them.

Craigslist has been putting procedures in place to prevent advertisements that seem questionable, but anyone with a computer realizes that advertisements can be adjusted, reworded and made to seem benign when they really aren’t.

But the adult services listing craigslist was removed on Friday, and it was only done so for the US-based listings; replaced with just the word censored.

A little while back I was watching a special on CNN where I watched a reporter, ambushed the founder of craigslist, Craig Newmark, outside of a location where he was giving a speech, or address.

The journalist met him outside of the location and then ambushed him with questions about prostitution, human trafficking and the daily operations of craigslist. Craig is no longer in management nor a company spokesperson for craigslist, and have them questions like that; I thought it was in very poor taste.

Apparently, Jim Buckmaster feels the same way.

There’s plenty of other websites are doing exactly what craigslist is doing, but as usual, the authorities were using their power to focus on just one entity.

I was checking the craigslist blog and I noticed that as of this morning [Sunday] at the craigslist blog hasn’t been updated as to the official response of the censored section under their services.

And while I do think this’ll slow down the people who are using craigslist for illegal activities, I think it’s going to be far from stopping it. The authorities are attacking one spot, but this problem is not in just one spot, it’s all over. And we all know how that worked out for the peer-to-peer sharing solution.

I don’t condone what’s happening in craigslist [as far as prostitution and human trafficking], but the only way you’re going to stop something like this is to monitor every post, every picture and make judgment calls on thousands and thousands of posts.

It’ll be very interesting to see what happens on Monday morning.


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zemified_e CraigsList gets CENSORED Section

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