Privacy Concerns: Social Websites Geo-location Tracking

bigbrother Privacy Concerns: Social Websites Geo-location TrackingI don’t know that there’s anything more concerning to me than what Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.

It’s not enough that people are out there in the world, on the Internet, sharing information and conversing with their Internet buddies, but do they need to know where you are, when your doing it?

But wait, all this information is going through a server somewhere; it’s being stored and tracked and used for digital profiling- it has to be… What corporation in their right mind would pass up the chance to reference that kind of data?

Facebook is getting a lot of attention over their new ‘places’ function, but in essence there’s no more cause for alarm than what Google Buzz or Twitter is doing.

I believe the only thing different about Facebook is that their privacy policy seems to be more self-defecating than anyone could’ve thought. Over the past years, the policy has changed, recanted, modified, caused corporate apology and yet they keep attempting to move forward. I’d speculate it’s just hard to trust a billion dollar corporation like Facebook and all that personal data to a 27 year old kid… Who knows?!

Google Buzz and Twitter do the social location thing too, but there’s not nearly the concern. Maybe cause their keeping it on the low-low or possibly/maybe doing it right. But what’s right?

And these people that are giving up this information, do they realize they’re being profiled right down to the last debit card receipt?

My concern goes deeper with social geo-location for services like [one example] RAPLEAF.

RAPLEAF is a social aggregator. They interact with multiple social websites; data mining the websites for personal information. They’re building profiles on everyone, and who they interact with. It’s all based on email addresses and phone numbers.

With amount of data services like these are collecting, there’s no need for government sponsored department of government anymore; forget CIA, FBI or NSA – they’re going to fire up Facebook and search you out. They aren’t going to have to bug you, or get a warrant to track you- you’re going to be giving that information freely, to the public, for everyone to see…

Oddly enough, that’s been going on for a while now.

What’s odd about this is how freely the information is given as long as it’s being provided as an entertainment platform… I’ve to wonder, if the government(s) of the world came out and said you have to give this information, how would people react to that?

I would’ve to speculate, it’d be a great spectrum of difference…


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