How To Uninstall Windows Live Writer

zm5tb1fy_thumb How To Uninstall Windows Live WriterI’m not saying that I need to, or that it’s an issue, but in the case that you decide you’re going to move to something more elaborate, or if you just need to be able to completely reinstall Windows Live Writer, I collected enough information here to attempt to help out the average Windows Live Writer [desperate user].

I’m not stating that you can’t go to the the Windows Live Writer support forum and look it up, but this is more for general purpose and personal use; it’s also more than you’re going to get ‘stock’ from the support team from Microsoft.

If you’re having issues with Windows Live Writer and you need to remove it from your system, the obvious thing to do is go to the Control Panel and select Windows Live Essentials Package, and choose the option change [options can be different based on the operating system- so be flexible].


Options to Uninstall

To go directly there…
     Start » Run »
               Windows Live Essentials

Or this…
     Start » Run »
          [XP]     C:Program FilesWindows Livewlarp.exe
          [Windows 7]     C:Program FilesWindows LiveInstallerwlarp.exe
               Choose UNINSTALL.

Or Another way…
    Start » Run »
          msiexec /x {178832DE-9DE0-4C87-9F82-9315A9B03985}


Sensitive Data

If you’re concerned about your sensitive data, ensure you remove the folders and the path to your posts/drafts from Windows Live Writer.

The Recent Posts and Drafts should be located in the MY DOCUMENTS folder].

     C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy Weblog Posts
     C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEDocumentsMy Weblog Posts

You SHOULD be able to double-click them from there, or OPEN WITH [Windows Live Writer] if the file association is broken. All the files in the folder should have a ‘WPOST’ extension.



in a worst case scenario, if nothing else is working, yes- you’ll have to revert to the Microsoft Windows Live Writer support forum.

Here’s the URL:
      <a href=""></a>

I hope this helps…


Until next time,

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