As Customers Wait: Netflix for Android

kqcc0qvx_thumb As Customers Wait: Netflix for AndroidAn official Netflix application is in route to AnDroid devices.  Yes- It’s coming…

When is this going happen, but with any hard thought, hasn’t been decided yet.

With the Apple suite of mobile devices nicely dressed for show, Netflix is snapping on the scope, and dropping the view finder, on AnDroid, next. There’s no mention of when we can predict that.

The solitary place we’re standing fast Netflix?
     AnDroid based devices.

Netflix has infiltrated TVs, home computers, iPads, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even the Wii, and now the service is establishing itself on iPhones and iPods.

Netflix has officially verified the internal development of a bonafide Netflix AnDroid application.

The company has allegedly already hired a couple of developers very familiar and prepared on the AnDroid platform to be able to generate the application. The company is on the lookout to pull in additional AnDroid developers to construct the app.

Based on information from a Netflix employee, “The way AnDroid is blowing up it’d be stupid of us to ignore [the development of an application].


A quasi-official Netflix media application is open for consumption on the AnDroid Market, though it’s completely flooded with complaints, from battery usage to advertisements presented and to the point, of excess.

We’ll see…


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