Review: Inception – Awesome and Oscar Worthy

zrd3bh53_thumb Review: Inception – Awesome and Oscar WorthyThere are so many movies coming out of Hollywood that are complete failures in their own right; it’s almost like they’re trying to set a new low.

And All I can say about that’s, I’m so glad they’ve Christopher Nolan out there to balance out the stupidity.

There seems to be a consistent pattern to the productions from Mr. Nolan. I’d speculate when you’ve the opportunity, and the direct ability to dictate how a movie is created, you can establish some really quality work-  like this…

The level of story telling with Mr. Nolan’s movies is really refreshing; it’s a really nice change.

I’ve a new respect for the work Mr. Nolan is doing…

I went to see the new release and found the whole movie gripping. There’s not a moment in the movie where I’m not interested in what’s going on and unlike most of the movies that are produced, I actually had an interest in the characters.

The conception behind the movie is that the mind is another place, another world and there are people specialized to explore and extract information, just as a thief would take an item.

Inception is 2 ½ hours and it’s a complex story; there’s not a moment in the movie where you’re left with a free moment to go to the rest room. If you’ve to go to take a nature break, you’re going to miss something important- it’s that involved.

I’m not going to give anything away with the movie, but the degree of suspense that this movie generates is impressive. There’s nothing in this movie they could’ve omitted and still had the same effect. I think they could’ve increased the story line 30 minutes and still kept me on the edge of my seat.

DiCaprio makes another great performance for this movie and I’m starting to have a great respect for the work he puts in to the roles he plays.

315snle0_thumb Review: Inception – Awesome and Oscar WorthyThere are some actors that can almost get away with just reading the lines and being the same actor/person in each role they play, but he’s showing that he’s up to challenges.

In the role, he plays a complex person driven to get results and haunted by past events.

I really have nothing bad to say about this movie. It’s got class actors, a great story, drama, suspense and plenty of twists. Matter of fact, if given the time, I would’ve returned to watch the movie again, to catch all the things I think I missed before.

There’s no lacking in the graphics and special effects from the movie. The actions scenes are plenty, and if I was voting for awards, this would be a winner. There’s views and perspectives that this movie offers are awesome, very unique; leaving you asking ‘how did they do that?’

As a recommendation, I would’ve no pause about telling someone to watch this movie. Just ensure that when you sit down, that you use the restroom first, get plenty of popcorn and attempt not to blink your eyes too much; you’ll miss something…

You’ll really like it… and when it’s over, you’re going to be left sitting there saying ‘wow’. I don’t recall anything as fascinating like this since the Matrix…


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