Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

image_thumb36 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC I was browsing a forum the other day and found a link to a very fascinating website. The idea of the site was the age old saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This can’t be more true in the world of tech support or even if you’re just trying to help someone fix a problem on their PC.

So this website [] enables the user to capture 15 minutes of their desktop and send it, or upload it to YouTube to be viewed, so the other person can see what’s actually occurring; it’s not a live stream- it’s just a recording… It’s a great idea!

Everyone should use it for tech support, it should be standard with every new PC and it should be so much easier to use and deploy [not that it isn’t already…]

But this got me contemplating VLC Player [VideoLAN]…

The problem mainly is the terminology, people use different words to describe what they see when they don’t really know WHAT they’re actually looking at… This makes it really hard on the person trying to help the other person… it can be very frustrating from both ends. And it could’ve a bad ending, but VideoLAN has an answer for this…

VideoLAN can capture and record the desktop…

Here’s what you do…

In VideoLAN » Media » open capture device

image_thumb37 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

Choose desktop

At the bottom choose CONVERT

image_thumb38 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

The capture device is already set to the Screen://

Enter the name of the destination file [any name you want] and where you want to save it.

image_thumb39 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

As your getting ready to save it, just place on the end of the file name the format you want to use.. Like .MP4 or .MOV – something common.

And to start the recording, press start.

image_thumb40 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

Now Your Capturing…

image_thumb41 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

Just press the stop button when your finished.

image_thumb42 Remote Desktop Capture with VLC

Once the file is saved you can open it, edit it, upload it or do anything you want with it.

» One thing I did notice with it; it’s not capturing two monitors, but that’s okay. And it’s not capturing regions of the screen either- there’s not a clear option there, but might be possible later.

So, if you’re a remote user need to do a screen capture, video, instructional, give a class or just show someone what your discussing; you can use the free application VideoLAN to do this task very easily and then hopefully get your issue resolved that much faster.

Notable mention here; if all you need to do is capture images and upload them to an image service- checkout ZScreen.

Remote Desktop Capture with VLCRemotedesktopcaptureVLC.mp3

I hope this helps…

Until next time,

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