Jun 28 2010

Windows Live Writer–Hotkeys/Shortcuts

Windows Live Writer solution center screenshot Windows Live Writer keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re not already aware of the shortcuts in Windows Live Writer, using the keyboard while your creating your blog is more productive than clicking all over the place … Or having to stumble through the Ribbon GUI.

Considering that Windows Live Writer doesn’t freely offer this information in a straight forward way – I found this and wanted to repost this for everyone [and for my own reference] the shortcuts for Windows Live Writer [and the new ones for Wave 4].

If you click HELP in Windows Live Writer you get the HELP Center; it’s not really helpful. I’m, being a techie, searching for the manual- the how to… I’d like to read to see what the options are before I’ve to join a forum and ask a question and wait for a response. Because in reading documentation, you can usually find the answers.

Windows Live Writer hotkeys shortcut keyboard

I hope this helps…


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