PODCAST: BryanSays, Episode 3

image_thumb2 PODCAST: BryanSays, Episode 3I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with a post on my recent Podcast with Bryan Lee over at BryanSays.

I had a great time doing the Podcast with BryanSays.

It’s a nice conversation about current technologies, movies and just letting the diatribe juices flow.

It seems kind of weird for me to be on a Podcast to have someone listen to me carry on like a raccoon on crack, but Bryan has some great topics and more often than none, some of the best conversations can be the ones that are just random.

So, I’m placing this out there, and you can download it if you want; listen to it. But attempt not to think less of me- if that’s possible.


The official website: …

My guest for this episode is Larry Henry from LEHSYS and That Beat’s All. We talk about Apple’s iOS 4 and our view on Apple vs Google for phone supremacy. I give my thoughts on the new A-Team remake which strums up some nostalgia for Larry’s and my childhood of 80’s action movies. Larry gives his take on Toy Story 3. We talk shop about the new summer movies like the Expendables, Predators, Inception, Dinner for Schmucks, Knight and Day, Salt, and others. We finish up the episode with Larry giving a rant on the latest beta of Windows Live Writer. The next best freeware blogging software is Zoundry Raven. I forgot to tell Larry it’s a clean rated podcast so I replaced curse words with moos and gobbles.

Intro/Outro Music by Kevin MacLeod

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wlEmoticonlightbulb PODCAST: BryanSays, Episode 3Ensure to check out some of Bryan’s website and his new stuff; he’s always posting very fascinating stuff…

Thanks in advance…


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