What to Expect From Google Android TV

ly0cwzji_thumb What to Expect From Google Android TVWith Google looking to release a version of their Android TV next month, what can people expect from Google TV and Android?

Well, the first thing to remember is that TV, isn’t a TV anymore, and the days of mindless TV channel surfing is about to end.

Anyone who has an Android phone, knows about the ‘market’. You can go to the market and pickup free applications, to customize your phone; to make it do what you want it to do.

Now apply this to your TV…

Having an Android TV means that your guides should be more rich and be more interactive with what your observing or searching for, but it’s more than that- it’s the applications you can load…

I’m discussing the applications that add weather, Netflix, headline news, social connections, music from iTunes or Rhapsody, or Pandora.

Peoples need to have direct access to these snippets of information or direct access to entertainment; not just some channel that feeds mindless media. No, I think we’re moving past that now.

So, with Google TV coming with the Android platform people to have a standard TV connection [TWC, Comcast, Verizon, Charter], but then also having a network connection to bring in other rich media. I suspect that the more tech savvy people will start sucking down tons of bandwidth over the ability to stream direct from Hulu and YouTube.

It’s not on the difficult to believe side to start seeing more interactive features, for people watching their favorite shows and then watching reactions as groups of people watch at the same time, commenting and providing links as the shows/movies play. Again, this would be an Android application someone would’ve to load to do this… On the same level of customization.

Blue-Ray adopters have been used to the rich media features of having an Internet connection, but now TV watchers are going to get this experience too, and with everything they watch.

This is just the inception of what’s going to happen. In 5 years, it’s going to be ubiquitous in the market.

The people that should be worried are the TWC, Comcast, Verizon, Charter guys; they going to lose their foot hold on their boring channel surfing line up. When people can choose exactly what they want and not have to surf 1000 of crap…

But one has to ask, why would Android stop there? Android is a robust Operating System. Why would you stop with just TV; start serving up games and other forms of entertainment… hmmm, very thought provoking.



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