May 24 2010

Ubuntu 10.04: Installing Adobe Flash Refined

qt5qnramThe previous version of Ubuntu was plagued by the issue of not being compatible with Adobe Flash right out of the box. Let me rephrase that, it had plenty of issues where people couldn’t install Adobe Flash and use it on Ubuntu.

And I didn’t see it as a flaw of Ubuntu solely, but it was a collection of Ubuntu and Firefox. Ubuntu said to install Adobe Flash this way, and Firefox was saying install Adobe Flash this way. The process just wasn’t cleaned up and it made a bunch of people just irritated for not having something so ubiquitous working right out of the box.

But what the Ubuntu team did with v10.04 was perfect…

There’s nothing to explain; not really. Ubuntu 10.04 had this down- it’s done and very simple. And I think they’re starting to understand ‘it just needs to work’[…] more than before.

In 10.04, you open Firefox and you go to a website that requires Adobe Flash and then in Firefox, it’ll tell you, your missing a plug-in – you’ve to click a button.


Ubuntu whether automatically or specifically for Adobe Flash; it knows what you need to install.


You’ve to confirm you want to install the software; no big deal.


Confirm on an administrative level that you want to do this… Okay – put your password in the boxy thingy.


Ubuntu takes over and does something really nice. It installs the required files. The thing with Ubuntu/Linux- they love command line stuff. Regular people hate command line stuff. On this point I think team Ubuntu does this perfect.

Again, I don’t know if this is by design or it’s just been refined that much. But the installation window is opened, the terminal window pops up and starts doing its thing. Takes less than 30 seconds.

» I was doing my testing on VirtualBox, but it was still very fast.


and CLOSE.

It’s very painless and seems to work very well. This is a very positive post and I’m rally very glad they got this fixed; for everyone.


Until next time,

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