The Future: Microsoft’s Windows vs Google’s Android

eiabsrma_thumb The Future: Microsoft’s Windows vs Google’s AndroidThe battle for Operating System supremacy in the world of tomorrow; that’s the thought running through my head.  I can’t help, but think about the position Apple has placed themselves in.

Apple came out of the shadows with the iPhone and every other ‘i’ device they can think of and most recently the iPad. But obviously the biggest mistake they made was restricting themselves to the AT&T market; there’s not much to be proud of there. And while the iPhone is a great device, the service reflected badly on the device and customers don’t care who’s at fault, they just want it to work.

Google has been working in the background developing Android. And the first release of Android, it’s been gaining more speed and support, and adoption.

At this point, Android is being, or has been, installed on just about everything with a screen.

Android has been installed on Netbooks and on the iPhone to present it’s flexibility. And next month, Android is supposed to be released/preinstalled on TV’s. There’s also information that there’s going to be an Android tablet PC and with the release of the Chevy Volt; itwill be running Android.

le0zsor5_thumb The Future: Microsoft’s Windows vs Google’s AndroidWhile OnStar CEO Chris Preuss was tight-lipped about who that partner was, Motor Trend has just reported it’s Google. If the rumor’s true, GM will make the Chevy Volt the first Android-based vehicle to hit the road.


Just about a week ago, Android surpassed the iPhone as the most popular smartphone Operating System. The Palm platform was snatched up by Hewlett Packard; this is AFTER they shelved plans to release their version of the Windows 7 tablet PC they were going to release this summer.

What Android has done to the market of smartphones, tablet PCs, and soon TV’s; I can’t help but think this is only a prelude of things to come.

Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile isn’t holding a large market of smartphone Operating Systems; Microsoft is trying to do something about that, but I don’t think they’re going to win that war- just as they are with Internet Explore

The development and support is growing very rapidly for Android and the opinion of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System has a lot of repairing to do; by the code and by the eyes of the customers. The security holes, patches, updates and slow response to customer demand is really hurting Microsoft. They’ve the appearance of a technology slug.

And this is sad, because I can remember when people used to clarify with a level of pride, ‘I run windows’.

So when Apple decided to do things their own way, close out everyone else, and take the high road- they lost; they almost fell completely off the map. If it hadn’t been for the iPhone, they’d have exactly that.

With Android showing it’s openness, quick updates, rapid growth and flexibility to be installed/customized to just about anything with a screen; I wonder is Microsoft heading in the same direction as Apple 15 years ago… Have they completely missed the bus and only now trying to play catch up? I think this is only the inception of things to come…

Android is showing basically there’s not limit, they’re open to change and we can move faster than Microsoft. And if Android can saturate and bombard the market with SO MANY Android devices and gadgets- Microsoft is going to loose their placement OR they will be severely impacted.

The blinders that Microsoft has on, says to them we’re too big, we’re too engrained, but if Android is everywhere, and you realize don’t need an Operating System; you NEED a web browser to work- Windows is cooked.

This is the same premise of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is very popular with the open source community, but it’s not only the open source community; it’s with all the people who are realizing that the Operating System is just not important anymore.

If the device your using has a browser and access to the Internet/web; it doesn’t matter.



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