May 31 2010

PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7

1eklywpm_thumb1 PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7This started off as an attempt to establish an export/convert tool for PaperPort MAX files and change them to something more standard like a PDF file. I already had PDFCreator installed, so I just needed a way to print; it’s all a failure and here’s why.

While it may not be important to some folks, but to others it’s important. The free utility from Nuance for PaperPort MAX files is now seriously crippled if you’re a Vista, or a Windows 7 user.

For a long time, Nuance has offered a free utility to view the MAX files that the PaperPort program creates. It’s a proprietary file format that only Nuance uses, and it’s confused a majority of the time with MAX file from 3DMAX Studio. Why anyone would send another person a MAX file is beyond me.

So for Nuance, I don’t know who’s in charge of QA over there, but I can tell you this missed this little gem by a few years.

The early years of technology was all about trying establish extensions on files and formats. Somehow Nuance [ScanSoft] decided on a MAX file. It functions more like a stacked TIFF file. You can edit, tag, rotate and re-order the images/text in the ‘stacked’ file. PaperPort actually refers to it as ‘stacking’. Essentially, I think they’re TIFF files, just called MAX; with a slight tweak.

A MAX file reader can be downloaded [] from the Nuance website [it doesn’t integrate to windows to preview images [like PDF, JPG] and there doesn’t seem to be a current version listed on the website. At the time of this post the links to download the viewer didn’t work; I had to hunt around for this one.

If you download this program, you can only view the MAX file. And that’s really it’s intention…

It doesn’t really do anything else; it’s like the most embarrassing piece of software I’ve ever seen. This brilliant effort, coming from the same company that charges $200 for the software package- seems a bit odd.

Once the file is opened, you can ONLY save it as a MAX file…

This is so helpful. If your looking to attempt to convert your old files- you’re not going to get it here.

cisagidk_thumb PaperPort Viewer 7 Doesn’t Work With Vista or Windows 7

The print option doesn’t work. There’s no print options, you can’t choose a printer and printing to a simple default printer- nothing happens. The dialog box just goes away…. Nada…

One of the most ubiquitous things you’ll see the most on the web is how to convert MAX files to JPG, TIF or PDF; anything but the MAX file.

I was going to establish a script/macro to open, print to PDF, but now I realize I can’t do that because the program itself is broken.

So now we’re are back to a ‘must have’ PaperPort situation to convert MAX files.

I would like to thank Nuance for maintaining such a fine piece of freeware.


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