AutoHotKey: Export PhraseExpress to CSV

yjqjxcni_thumb AutoHotKey: Export PhraseExpress to CSVPrograms can be so useful, but they also can be ‘traps’; traps to keep you tied in to them so you can’t leave, or change, or manage your data the way you want to.

I recently ran in to an issue with a program I use called PhraseExpress. It’s a text expander/hotkey/macro program that’s extremely useful and can save lots of time.

I love the concept of the program, but I was wanting to attempt another program and I needed to get my data out. While I’ve my golden rule about being able to export my data, I never checked with PhraseExpress; it didn’t offer this function natively- so I created an export function.

AutoHotKey is another program that can do many of the things PhraseExpress can do, but it’s not as refined as PhraseExpress, but AutoHotKey is more open to change flexibility and users requirements.

So, I was tinkering around with some things and I wanted the phrases from PhraseExpress in this other toy I was playing with. PhraseExpress doesn’t export to TXT or CSV; only their proprietary PXP [binary file] they offer.

Here’s a video Of what I did…



The PhraseExpress program has to be at its smallest window size, as the mouse is looking specific locations. I may revise the program to be more intelligent later; the video explains and shows some of this. The script goes and grabs the description, the content and the autotext; copies those and stores them and then exports them to the CSV file.

CSV file is TAB separated and Quotes around the exported text.

There should be nothing incorrect with the script since the data being exported is your data; you should be able to do with the data any way you please.

The PhraseExpress team may add this function later, but for now this is a down and dirty version.

This information is offered as an option to help to help others and to possibly offer an alternate method for backup for PhraseExpress data.

And this is just another way, and another reason why, I love AutoHotKey so much!


I hope this helps.

Until next time,


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