Apr 24 2010

The Previous Week In Interesting – 04/24/2010

powerbutton The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010 I’m trying something new here. I’m trying stories that I’ve read throughout week, that I thought were interesting and sharing them with you.

So, everyone finds different things interesting- these were mine; Apple still acting like a jerk, McAfee is re-enforcing it’s position as a technology moron and Microsoft continues to slowly tighten the hatch on old Windows XP users.

Yes- read more…


aecly5pa_thumb The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010It’s interesting how Microsoft is using it’s positioning to drive users off their old Operating System.

Microsoft is doing well with it’s release of Windows 7, but they’re not content with that and are being more aggressive; driving customers away from XP. This is just one a several software packages and services they have stopped supporting for older Operating Systems. In their defense, XP is over 10 years old.

Go Microsoft…



z0svzr02_thumb The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010Stolen or not; right or wrong… Gizmodo kinda pushed the line on this.

Apple gave a phone to beta tester, that phone was left, lost or placed and then Gizmodo found out about it and PAID money to obtain a lost item. They had it for about a week to examine and dissect the device and write about it; driving their websites views[money for them].

Apple contacted them, they gave it back, but was it right to pay for something, that’s not yours, something Gizmodo knew was not officially released and then publicly release all these details about the new phone?

That’s the topic of much discussion. Discuss…



rta0zfwi_thumb The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010The more Apple flexes its muscles, the more I dislike them.

Restricting developers on what programming code they can use, which development tools they can use and then the issue with Flash. They have an established dominate market and they’re flex posing right now to say, ‘…our product is better and we say how and when…’

That maybe noble to some, but to others it comes across as just being a jerk.

We’ll see what the market says about the iPhone in 2 years…



image_thumb3 The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010 This little gem struck me on the right side of the head and I was just staggering happy…

How many times to type a set of information in to a website form and then it crashes or something happens and you lose it all…

This will fix that… Enjoy.



qlmyfd4u_thumb The Previous Week In Interesting - 04/24/2010Oh my. Oh my. Oh my…

If McAfee was in prison, I’d sign it’s butt up for buffet service- and I mean that in a bad way.

McAfee removes SVCHOST.exe from Windows XP?

Do they not ever check their releases? They just skipped the QC department altogether.

SVCHOST- really; you missed that one? Damn. That’s gonna hurt…

And then you released a version of your software that hoses up every computer in the world running Windows XP and McAfee.

First, if I’m running McAfee, I am switching.

Two, if this happens to me I’m searching for the website or the lawyer that’s going to be representing the millions of people filing a class action suit for the loss of business, lost productivity and the cost to recover or rebuild those systems.

Nice one McAfee…

Keep up the good work!



L. Henry Jr.

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