Tablet Machines Are A Must Have – Right Now.

t21q0vhk_thumb Tablet Machines Are A Must Have – Right Now.The media can’t take it’s eyes off of the iPad. And it’s really great that there’s so much attention going to it, but what’s so special about it anyway?

It’s basically a Netbook with a touchscreen, flipped around and a webcam built-in; there’s nothing special to see here. I don’t get it… why the obsession over an over grown iPhone?

If anyone recalls, there was a big rush to purchase Netbook’s. The only thing fancy about the Netbook’s is that they were small, portable and neat looking, but the novelty of the Netbook wears off 18 hours after you purchase it…

The tablet PC seems to be the new ‘gold rush’; which manufacturer can produce the most fancy tablet PC?

A smart shopper would stand back and ask, what is it? what does it do? and is he going to benefit me?

Tablet PCs have been around for 10 years. They been produced for years before Windows XP was ever placed on the chopping block, and forced to go into retirement. So tablet PCs are nothing new; the processing speed and the presentation of the tablet PCs have changed dramatically.

Everyone’s looking for the futuristic view of what the portable PC, or tablet PC, should look like- being able to write directly onto the screen with a writing utensil or having the ability to simply speak to the computer and have it recognize what you’re saying and then do what you request—it seems simple enough, but there’s too many technologies that just aren’t refined.

pv5tcztj_thumb Tablet Machines Are A Must Have – Right Now.

I can begin with the iPad by saying that it’s just eye candy. I can’t possibly see how the iPad is going to be productive, except for selected markets. I can see receptionists, doctors, lawyers and individuals who do forms of dictation and transcription. Someone who’s going to need to get that information into the system, and transferred immediately over to another system, or another party. It’s something that people are going to want to carry with them like your average everyday notebook [the one you use with a regular pencil].

Early reports indicate that the iPad still doesn’t have the ability to multitask with third-party applications; this is still a huge problem. How can Apple produce a device, in this day and age, that doesn’t multitask?

But Apple does indicate that they’re going to issue an operating system update that will allow multitasking… but when? How long will those users have to wait to get the basic ability of multitasking? A feature that’s been available in every version of Windows since the early 90’s.

I still haven’t figured out why people are so willing to sacrifice their large screens, the regular sized keyboards and the processing core. I can completely understand the aspect of wanting things to be portable, but it seems everything is being produced right now is touchscreen, cramped keyboards and huge hits [degradation] on processing power.

Every portable PC that’s being produced right now has the same problem; battery life. The processing power is there, but it’s a hungry beast. They suck up energy with every CPU cycle. Technically I don’t think this is the problem of the mobile devices but simply a shortcoming of a sustainable, portable, power source.

And while Apple is placing their iPad on display like it’s a completely new technology, Hewlett Packard is gearing up for a summer release of their new tablet system. Now we’re going to have a new release, like elephants on parade, of who can release the best tablet PC…



The immediate thought of a portable tablet PC would be that it’s going to be better than the iPad simply because of the established operating system and the wide range of applications that can be installed upon it. I still remember the tablet PCs that they offered initially where the screens just flipped around, converting them from laptops, to tablet PCs. And my question is, where have those tablet PCs gone to? Are these manufacturers simply just reinventing the wheel and slapping a new sticker on them?

Let’s face it, the average consumer is going to be looking for, stability, performance, extensibility with USB ports and memory card slots, and clear displays for these portable devices.

Apple is placing the bet that users that have an iPhone are going to be more willing to stay with an iPhone type environment, controlling exactly what goes onto the tablet, how it’s applied and to what extent the iPad can be utilized. On the other hand, you have the tablet PC, most likely with a Windows operating system, well-established applications, familiar interfaces and still having fairly good responsive performance.

I suspect that the tablet PCs appeal is only momentary, when you should really step back and look at what they’ve purchased, or research it and find out exactly what they are looking at; the logical choice would be to choose something else with more flexibility and more standards. There’s still a basic need to be productive and comfortable, cramped keyboards and small screens don’t make for an inviting work environment.

The iPad and tablet PCs are simply just a step on the way to where portable PCs should be…

The winner of this contest is going to be the thickness of a clipboard, the performance of a high end processor, with a high-resolution color display. It’s going to have a WebCam, be able to make phone calls, understand the user’s handwriting and be able to transcribe what the user is saying; all this to be done almost instantaneously, without pause.

My verdict; given the option of an iPad, or a Tablet PC… I’d choose the tablet PC for it’s options.


L. Henry Jr.

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