Lunascape: All Major Browser Engines In One

5lqrogvw_thumb Lunascape: All Major Browser Engines In OneThere’s a new browser that’s caught my attention, it’s called Lunascape. what’s causing my attention to gravitate towards it is its ability to utilize all three major browser engines for Firefox, Internet explorer and chrome.

As a developer for Web applications, testing between platforms typically means you have to have all of the major web browsers loaded to see what the results are between the different rendering engines.

Being able to simply load one application and see the results of your work without having to flip back and forth between different browsers is highly efficient.

The description for Lunascape:

This is our latest flagship browser. Lunascape has the world’s only Triple Engine technology and now adds support for Triple Add-on. You can have the best features, performance, and speed of, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all in one browser. Also available as portable.


During the setup of Lunascape the operator will be prompted for the type of installation; the operator can choose the standard installation, to be loaded locally on the user’s PC, or the user can choose the option to make it portable; being able to load Lunascape on a jump-drive.

Also during the installation the user has the option of which rendering engines they want to utilize; which ones they want to install.

One of the more beautiful things about Lunascape is its ability to to be universally compatible, across the board, with the browsers in the plug-ins that they typically support. below is a video of Lunascape utilizing Firefox’s plug-in extensibility.





In my testing with Lunascape, I noticed that when it switches between the rendering engines it takes a second; it’s not lightning smooth. On my machine it took about two or 3 seconds- indicating that it was changing rendering engines.

Below I have an example screenshot of Lunascape running inside my VirtualBox, virtual windows XP system. with Lunascape I’m able to compare my website side-by-side with the Trident web engine and the Web Kit engine.


1gkle04i_thumb Lunascape: All Major Browser Engines In One

In this comparison, it simply shows how much a difference the Trident rendering engine performs as opposed to Web Kit, that adheres to Internet web standards.

With my comparison, and utilizing the two rendering engines at the same time, on my website, the web browser is utilizing roughly 160 MB of memory.

Lunascape makes no mention of whether or not it utilizes the sandbox security, like chrome does. I couldn’t find anything on their website that spoke directly to the effectiveness of their browser and security.

I think this browser serves in the same capacity as when HD DVD and DVD+R or rival formats in the war for who is going to establish themselves as the standard for the new DVD format. Many manufacturers started producing DVD players that could read both formats. Lunascape simply utilizes all the major web browser engines and concatenates them under one umbrella.

This could be an exciting development and I’ll check back later to see how it’s progressing.


L. Henry Jr.

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