Firefox/Minefield 3.7a4Pre

sjwvokac_thumb Firefox/Minefield 3.7a4PreThe development of Firefox is moving forward, and thus far, everything is looking smooth. Mozilla’s efforts to publish a 64-bit web browser seems to be getting closer to fruition. The development of minefield has been building over the past couple of years.

While other web browsers are floundering in the 32-bit world of web browsing, Mozilla has been developing minefield. While minefield has been slowly progressing, one of the things that was seriously holding it back was the lack of the flash player from Adobe.

But now the HTML 5 has been introduced, it looks as though Adobe’s flash player may not be such a requirement after all.

The new release, an alpha release of minefield 3.7a4Pre exhibits that Mozilla is moving forward with the development of minefield is 64-bit world.

with the alpha release of minefield, and the testing that I’m doing with it, it seems to have a very snappy response and the interface thus far doesn’t seem to have changed very much.

I seen articles that the next version of Firefox will utilize the processes of loading HTML, CSS, JavaScript and flash elements will be loaded separately, and placed into a sandbox for security.

The website clearly states that this is not the final version of Firefox and should not be used in a production environment. And if you do so, make sure you backup your information first. my recommendation is to always test new software in a virtual environment; so as not to affect anything you use or read a basis that’s in a production situation.

I’m still very happy with the progression of minefields and if you would like to try out for yourself, visit the nightly release build site.


L. Henry Jr.

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