Use Mozilla Firefox’s Sidebar Option

al1r4do5 Use Mozilla Firefox’s Sidebar OptionFirefox has lots of neat plug-ins, but if you don’t require them and can get the same result with something more standard; it nice because it uses less resources and less resources typically mean a faster system.

A lot of people know you can drag URLs from the address bar to shortcut bar in Firefox, but I don’t think average people know about the option to optn those links in the SIDEBAR.

om4l0ojk Use Mozilla Firefox’s Sidebar OptionOnce an URL has been added to the shortcut bar, you can make it open in the sidebar, which is uber-cool because if a site has a mobile version, you’ve a very good chance of having a nice enhancement to Firefox; no additional plug-ins.

For my example here, I used Twitter []. It’s easy simple and straight forward.

You can do the same thing with Facebook.

The possibilities are almost endless.

pq3gzu5n Use Mozilla Firefox’s Sidebar OptionMy favorite use of the sidebar option is the Google Tasks option. I use this as my on the fly to-do list, or random thought, or page keeper. I find something interesting and I can just cut and paste. Done.

To set it up, enter this in to the URL:

Drag this to the Shortcut Bar and then adjust the settings to open in the Sidebar; your done. It’s uber-easy.

What’s your cool way to use the Firefox Sidebar?

Hope this helps.



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