LEHSYS Monthly Report – March 2010

image_thumb32 LEHSYS Monthly Report – March 2010March was a good month for LEHSYS; although I didn’t publish as many stories as I’d like- it’s okay. My attention has been off because I had a death in the family and I just didn’t have the time to devote to the site [everyone understands].

But according to Alexa I’m back above 500k on my rankings. This is funny because I was down to 450k at one point during March. This, like other things, it’s just a roller coaster ride and you’ve to hang on..

I’m also happy to see the level of my site’s BOUNCE rate going down even more. According to Google Analytics, my site’s percentage is down to 75% and this is encouraging because users are finding more stuff here interesting, and worth reading… hopefully something that’s helping them.



image LEHSYS Monthly Report – March 2010

It’s no secret that websites are supported by advertisers and my goal has only ever been for the adverts of this site to basically support the domain and hosting of LEHSYS.

I’ve had good results thus far with Chitika. A large majority of visits to this site are based on search engine hits/queries and Chitika is search engine based adverts and it also ensures adverts based on content; this works for me.



04oskwbj LEHSYS Monthly Report – March 2010

While I really wanted to do more, it just wasn’t the month for articles. There was too much stuff going on around me, as well as family issues. But getting new articles isn’t that hard; I just need to read and keep doing what I do… You guys seem to like that. 😉

The RSS feeds are down 13%, but this is still a high side for the site because it was up 123% last month. I’m still looking for an advertiser for my RSS feeds; nothing or no good progress there yet.



Traffic for the site was up this month and it’s very pleasing to see this stat. It means something is going right and there’s people out there that are interested in what I’ve to say [or not].

Last month, I was just able to come in just shy of 40k in page views and this month was right at 57k in page views; this is a high number for LEHSYS. Unique users/connections are currently estimated around 480 daily.

mb4i0acg LEHSYS Monthly Report – March 2010Referring traffic isn’t all that great; it’s around 30% of the traffic to the site. The bulk of the traffic is coming from search engines; mainly Google and StumbleUpon.


Site Changes

As I reported on the advancements of ‘nice spammers’ I’ve two things running defense for me. Akismet and Captcha-Free.

Captcha-Free is a plug-in that uses an algorhythm to identify pasted or automated text. So you can’t just pop in, blast me with some crap and then leave. The plug notices the blast of text or crap and blocks it; I never even see it.

Between these two guys, I seem to have reduced my overall comment spam intake. It’s helping me out a lot; it might help you. I haven’t gotten any complaints and it seems to be doing well overall.

It saddens me to think that people will go to such lengths to advertise Viagra or just to blast a site with just crap that makes no sense at all. It ruins the whole feel and purpose of the Internet.



That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who visits and I’ll keep going…



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