Ubuntu 9.10 Adobe Flash – It’s a CPU Hog

mnthkbvi Ubuntu 9.10 Adobe Flash – It’s a CPU HogAt this point, of all the things I’ve to deal with like programs, software and technical issues, I REALLY dislike Adobe FLASH right now.

I’ve a Dell laptop that I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows XP and I’ve found out that the Ubuntu/Linux Version of Adobe Flash is a resource hog and it consistently crashes my laptop from overheating.

Anytime I visit a site with FLASH on Ubuntu 9.10 I get these huge spikes in CPU usage and it turns the site in to just crap; nothing works or responds.

Steve Jobs said it right; Adobe is LAZY. And I also think that FLASH was just a stop gap until HTML 5 can be implemented more in all the browsers.

I’ve seen some demos of what HTML 5 can do and it’s quite impressive. There’s no special installations, instructions or anything- it just works.

The issues with Adobe FLASH over the years was making sure you had the right version or something didn’t work right. A lot of developers and corporate presences depend on Adobe FLASH, but the question is why develop for FLASH when HTML 5 is going to be a standard?

But back to my laptop…

Funny part about this is when I boot in to Windows XP and I visit the same sites the performance still spikes, but the machine doesn’t crash from a ‘thermal event’- it just slows down to a crawl.

I can play MP3’s on my laptop until I’m blue in the face, but if I go to a site that is using a FLASH plug-in to play the MP3 [music], my system slows so much the music starts chirping and then ultimately will stop and then reboot.

You your probably asking yourself/me, well is it your system fan, are you suffocating it? Is there enough ventilation? The answer is yes.

The FLASH plug-in just uses too much. And I’m not a developer, but it seems like it’s a bit much for a site to have a FLASH game to max out a CPU or to have a site with FLASH in it to cause a CPU to peak out like that.

So, I look forward to the downfall of FLASH and welcome the Internet standard HTML 5…

It’s completely frustrating and there are NO answers from Adobe



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