Microsoft Outlook Steals Performance

outlooksteals_thumb Microsoft Outlook Steals PerformanceI’m not going to argue the point that Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client, and it’s the most used, and desired, function of Microsoft Office, but I think at what cost are we using it?

Microsoft Office/Outlook 2007 is not my email client of choice, but I’ve to use it at work. Every job/office I know of uses Microsoft Outlook for their email clients and typically the machines Microsoft Outlook was loaded on was not a supreme machine.

So how’s this really productive? It’s not.

Outlook uses a lot of memory to begin with, and I really don’t know why… I was testing with Outlook I noticed two things.

  • The more I use Outlook/left it open – the more memory I used.
  • The longer the program was open, the slower it was [related to memory]
  • The more emails you open and flip through the more memory it uses- It never seems to really go back down.

taskmanageroutlook_thumb Microsoft Outlook Steals Performance

The screenshot above shows the task manager and Outlook using an average of 180+ mb of memory. I’ve seen it up to 380+ mb of memory.

I’d say on average the typical corporate machine is a Celeron Processor type CPU, 160gb hard drive and a 2gb of mem.

And does everyone realize these processors do one thing really good; they don’t like multiple processes at once. And what does this mean for Outlook?

It’s a hog! It’s a resource killer… It steals speed from your machine!

But let’s clarify, ALL applications use [steal]  resources on your machine, but those applications that use more resources are more serious and should be scrutinized, and you need to decide carefully which programs you run.

Outlooks search functions are less than standard and the popular add-on of XOBNI shows this clearly. XOBNI is an add-on that installs separately and places it’s self in the system SERVICES [starting when the Operating System starts].

XOBNI was praised by Bill Gates as being the perfect partner to Outlook; it’s what Outlook should have had all along. But the issue with XOBNI is that it’s awesome as an add-on and it uses even MORE memory and resources. My experience is that the first release was the best and the fastest, the second release is much slower and uses more memory. On average, my version of XOBNI uses anywhere from 9mb to 20mb of extra memory.

So putting these two guys together, it easily put you over 200mb for running an email client.

When you have a application that’s using that much memory and all it’s doing is email [basically], that’s overkill. I know Outlook has more and can do a lot more, but a lot of companies only use Outlook for it’s email, contacts and calendar.

I’ve been testing and working with other email clients over the past few months and in comparison Thunderbird, eM client, Postbox and a few others use substantially less than Outlook.

eM client, has Instant Message abilities built in [this would add another 20mb to Outlooks operations for ‘Office Communicator’]. Thunderbird with all my plug-ins and SOCIALMAIL [XOBNI clone] and it doesn’t exceed 90mb. Postbox has no Instant Message abilities and no SOCIALMAIL options, but it’s under 60mb.

So while Microsoft Outlook may be the Cadillac of the email world, it’s also the fattest, and fat is slow. No one likes slow.

I haven’t had a chance to work with Microsoft Outlook 2010, so I can’t speak on that or what improvements Microsoft may have made.


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