Feb 12 2010

Compliment Spam: From the NICE Spammers

ComplimentSpam_thumb Compliment Spam: From the NICE SpammersBloggers all want to have the same thing, they want to be able to put their information out their and be heard in some way, shape or fashion. And they all want to or love to hear feedback from the readers on what they think about the authors post.

While there are plenty of people out there that visit your site for one reason there are thousands that visit your site for a completely different purpose.

It’s comment defecation… They want to SPAM you with ‘NICE’ comments.

Here’s how it works…

These spammers are out there doing random searches on stuff that they’ve written about or perhaps a product they’re selling; a list is generated and they just start down the list and punch every website. They don’t read the article, or much less care what you said they want to molest your comments section.

Once in the comment section, they just start punching in canned phrases or praise that would generally fit anyone’s website or content; this is really the easiest way. And then for the website and email address [that someone might click on] they put in their sales plug information.

Is this irritating?

Damn right it is… I’ve to police this stuff. It’s like having to clean my room everyday [not that I don’t]…

You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore!

Personally,  I’ve been to peoples sites and I’ve read their articles and thought them to be a really good read and wanted to leave a short comment, saying how I felt, but it’s more complicated than that now. My simple small comment could be considered spam now. because I gave a simple compliment.

A lot of people work with WordPress, I work with WordPress, and WordPress has a tool for spammers; it’s called Akismet. And while Akismet is effective, it doesn’t catch everything. The spammers are learning and circumventing the process and mucking with us by being NICE.

It seems like the most evil tactic there is…

Take this for an example:

nicespamscreenshot_thumb Compliment Spam: From the NICE Spammers

This is a generic compliment and would really apply to anyone, and apparently it has. And not everyone is going to have  their own website; you’ve to take that in to consideration.

But because it’s WordPress [the most popular method of blogging] and the issue has been progressing  since 2008 and just getting worse; I did some searches…


There’s a plug-in. It’s not very high tech, but it’s effective.

Example search:


All it does is submit the comment to Google for a search, if you get over x amount, you can guess on your own if it’s spam or not. You make your own decisions.

Hope this helps.


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