Windows Live Writer: Pasting Content Correctly

2gofjyy5 Windows Live Writer: Pasting Content CorrectlyWindows Live Writer’s best quality is the ability to have plug-ins. If Windows Live Writer didn’t have plug-ins it would be sorely lacking a great many needed functions.

But now it has a new plug-in, one that controls how you put information in to Windows Live Writer when pasting…

Clipboard Live

One of the nice things about using the plug-in is the pasting of content with IMAGES. Normally, you can’t grab information from a webpage and paste it in Windows Live Writer; now you can.

It basically figures out what your trying to do and makes the best choice for you when pasting the information. And this very important because if you simply copy and paste an image in to Windows it does so as a PNG file [double the size it really needs to be].

Once the plug-in is installed the option is listed on the right with all the other plug-in options. When you choose clipboard, it pastes the information in the best format.

image_thumb Windows Live Writer: Pasting Content Correctly

Put this in your download list when you get ready to use Windows Live Writer.

Download it here.


L. Henry Jr.

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