iPhone Stepping Closer To Being Outmoded

iPhonedroid_thumb iPhone Stepping Closer To Being OutmodedSo how many iPhone users are out there were sweating the launch of DROID?

Well you should be… your fancy iPhone is on it’s way out the door. [I hear the boo’s and hissing now] AND it’s not so much Apple’s fault…

The iPhone is an excellent piece of hardware and it’s presentation and abilities set the new standard for ‘personal access devices’ or Smartphone’s, but…

While Apple has been busy trying to push their flagship device, I think they missed the boat on the market domination thingy…

It really wasn’t that long ago that there was a fight for PC standard’s for for several other thingy’s, but the fact that what made the PC standard was NOT hardware; it was software. Has Apple not learned from history that it’s the software that runs on the hardware that makes the whole world go ‘wow’.

Enter Google, the apparent historian and keeper of everything that can be Google’d.

Google has been ever so slightly working on the Google Operating System thing for a while and really hasn’t taken a huge leap until recently with the release of DROID [ANDROID Operating System]. And it’s not the presentation of the devices as so much as it is the functionality of the Operating System.

Google has spent time refining the ANDROID to work on just about every other phone/Smartphone device out there; hell- it even works on PC’s too. The result is the market is now being flooded with ANDROID phones.

Not taking anything away from iPhone users, but the iPhone is a strictly established environment; I haven’t heard of the iPhone Operating System running on a PC- it probably could, but not reported yet. The iPhone has tons/millions of apps, but it wasn’t that way at first. And nor does ANDROID… right now.

The biggest problem with iPhone and what been completely missed by the monster bastard,  accurately called AT&T, is the fact that the iPhone is LOCKED in to AT&T.

The iPhone is a great phone/device, but it’s capable of so much more and yet it’s not allowed to. Thus you’ve UNLOCK’ers to let you use your phone with other carriers; but this is illegal by way of Apple, and I surely would guess this pisses AT&T off to no end.

What’s more damaging is that the iPhone is no longer on sale in New York. The ‘stretched to the limit’ AT&T network can’t handle iPhone the traffic. It’s a huge black eye for AT&T and the iPhone. If customers can’t get service for the iPhone, we’ll turn somewhere else- somewhere with a signal AND service.

ATTcoveragemapjoke_thumb iPhone Stepping Closer To Being Outmoded

The disenfranchised users of the iPhone are turning to the DROID phone. Sales reports show that the Motorola DROID sales were up 22% in December 2009. Those are some good numbers.

So, while AT&T is locking customers in to the iPhone, T-Mobile, Verizon , Sprint and others are moving to ANDROID. And while the customer base is not as large as the iPhone right now and the Operating System is not as developed [right now], how long do you think that ‘status quo’ is going to remain?

The iPhone is the standard from which to stand back and judge other phones, it’s not going to be for long. It’s not the hardware that’s the key to success; it’s the software.

Just days after my post – there’s this update:


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