Facebook App on Android – still not working.

FacebookDROIDFixme_thumb Facebook App on Android – still not working.This is just a small blip, but completely frustrating to all ANDROID/DROID users out there.

One of the flagship apps on DROID [Facebook] is not working; it hasn’t been working since late November 2009. Just about everyone who’s online has a Facebook account and they update their account once a day, but the cool part is getting notifications from Facebook…

And that’s the part that’s not working…

If you go to the DROID and pull up the App for Facebook on DROID, it’s plastered with complaints about it not working.


Can’t retrieve notifications. Please try again later 601/parse error. Unexpected ‘-‘ at position 68.

How is it possible that an app like this is not working and it’s considered one of the base applications that come with the DROID? And who the hell is writing and supporting it? Google or Motorola?

Nope – it’s Facebook… The developers at Facebook are mucking around with the code and now it’s not working; it’s not working with their own website. The answer to the problem is right there!

They’re parsing information and there’s a dash where there shouldn’t be one! Fix it.

The biggest question is how do the providers like Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile feel about the reports of the applications not working; who’s watch-doggin’ the guys who produce these apps and make sure they work. It’s a customer experience that’s being damaged.

Do you think that defective applications on smartphones affect the carriers reputation for quality?

  • Yes. (87%, 34 Votes)
  • No. (13%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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I mean the device in the customers hand is provided by those providers and they’re the ones that are most likely going to get those calls… and do they really want to have 73 million people calling support cause Facebook app doesn’t work- I’d hate to be taking those calls.

Email them daily. Let’s get this fixed.

Update: Facebook Notifications on my Android started working today. No updates, no new downloads; just started working [01/15/2010]. Yea!

Hope this helps.


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